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SLP 4.3.24 fixes “hide info bubble”, Enhanced Map 4.3.01, and Word Press USA conference

WP camp US 2015 Philly

Store Locator Plus

SLP version 4.3.24 has been released with minor bug fix. It was reported that the “Hide Info Bubble” under Enhanced Map was not working properly. SLP 4.3.24 has patched that bug.

Enhanced Map 4.3.01

EM 4.3.01 provides better plugin management upon loading.

  • Fix: typo in help text on map settings.
  • Change: More efficient code-loading sequence with Store Locator Plus

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Use Twitter to find out where he’ll be while attending WP USA Word Camp Philadelphia through December 7th and/or to request a time to discuss any Store Locator Plus topics.

"....someone went without me and all I got was a t-shirt..."
“….someone went without me and all I got was a t-shirt…”


He may be at one of the below venues!

Philly cheese steak trials by Lance
Philly cheese steak trials by Lance

Wheres Lance
Wheres Lance
and...wheres mine?
and…wheres mine?

Change Log for SLP

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Enhanced Map 1.0 Bubble Layout

Enhanced Map Banner

Enhanced Map 1.0 has a new bubble layout feature that will be coming later this summer in conjunction with the Store Locator Plus 4 release. This new setting provides site designers and admins an easy way to control what content appears in the info bubble on the map. In the past this was only possible by heavily modifying the csl.js file within the base plugin. With version 1.0 you will be able to change the info bubble using a basic admin panel text entry that combines HTML with special bubble layout shortcodes.

Here is a brief intro video of the current alpha release that is in development: