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SLP versions: Power add-on, Experience add-on version 4.6.1 updates to import functions


Store Locator Plus 4.6.1 Highlights

• Allow add-ons to load JS on a per-admin-tab basis. Reduces browser overhead and memory footprint on admin pages.

• Simplify and improve the new option manager. More consistent option handling, more security option management, better performance.

•  Checkbox on/off validation for all add ons – fixes instant checkbox saving on admin panel for some add on options

• All language files are now pulled from the MySLP website.  • Missing translations? See MySLP and add your translation updates there.

Change Log for SLP Power Add-on

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Store Locator Plus Improves High Volume Site Processing

Store Locator Plus 4.2.41 focuses on speeding up the performance of location import processing for comma separated files of 50,000 locations or more.

CSV Import in Add Mode

Some of the updates include reduce execution time when setting the CSV import duplicates processing to ‘add’ mode.    Add mode is useful when importing to a “clean” list of locations.    This mode eliminated extra processing when you know you are not updating existing locations during a Pro Pack CSV Import.

Improved Import Error Reporting

The CSV Import processing system has been updated to provide better reporting when CSV imports of location data via Pro Pack or category data via Tagalong fails the import process.   Various file processing issues as well as memory restriction errors are reported with details including hints as to how to manage the issue.

Memory Improvements

Memory consumption is reduced on per-process system calls.  This reduction can be significant on systems that are running large location lists, saving up to 1k per location processing request.

Store Locator Plus Change Log

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Better Location Import Processing

The Pro Pack for Store Locator Plus had several features published recently. The focus has been on better CSV location import processing. In version 4.2.04 of the Pro Pack the following import refinements have been made:

Location data will automatically have extra white space trimmed from the data fields. Visually this has little impact, but both JavaScript data handlers and test scripts run better when not having to guess how many blank spaces appear after the name of a business.

The PHP Maximum Execution time setting, included in Store Locator Plus version 4.2.30, is used for bulk import processing as well as volume AJAX queries such as bulk geocoding of locations. If the hosting provider allows for the execution time to be specified by a WordPress application, the new setting can be used to override the typical default of 30-seconds of maximum processing time before the web application terminates. This can be especially useful for large lists of locations where processing 10,000+ locations can take more than 30 seconds on a low-end server. Some hosting companies, especially those on shared hosting plans, do not allow for the maximum PHP execution time to be managed from within WordPress. Contact your hosting company for details.

SLP 4.2.31 General Settings Server
SLP 4.2.31 General Settings Server

The latest version of the Pro Pack now uses the Store Locator Plus 4.2 framework for AJAX requests. This increases security and stability while performing background AJAX functions such as report downloads with the Pro Pack.

Pro Pack Changelog

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Scheduled Location Imports Coming To Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus and the Pro Pack add-on prerelease versions were published today.    The upcoming version of the Pro Pack is undergoing testing.   The update to the Pro Pack includes a way to schedule location imports on an hourly, twice daily, or daily basis.   The locations CSV files are fetched from a remote resource specified in the file import interface.    Background imports can also be performed immediately; a useful feature when importing large CSV files as the background import does not tie up your current browser session.

PRO 4.2.03 Scheduled Import
PRO 4.2.03 Scheduled Import

As part of the Pro Pack scheduled (cron) import process, the base plugin was changed to relocate the process that adds locations to the database into the location class.  This change should not impact functionality of the base plugin or add-on packs provided you have kept your add-on packs updated to the latest release.   The change allows not only the Pro Pack but custom applications and plugins written by the user community to add locations using either the Cron or AJAX WordPress APIs without having to load or manipulate the admin interface class.

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]Prerelease products are not intended for use on production systems.[/box]

Target release for both products is within 24 hours; prior to traveling to Orlando. Charleston Software Associates is a sponsor for WordCamp Orlando 2014.


Product Change Logs

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Pro Pack Upgrade : Location Imports With URLs

Pro Pack version 4.2.01 has been released with a patch, a tweak, and a new feature.

The patch is a fix to the reporting module which has been upgraded to use the WordPress DB class to process SQL requests.  This ensures compatibility with both older and newer versions of PHP where direct MySQL functions have been changed in the PHP engine.

A tweak has been made to try to force the PHP maximum execution time to 10 minutes if the server will allow it.  Not all servers allow web apps to change execution times for scripts.  For those that allow such a change, the higher execution time should allow for fewer truncated location import and exports; especially on sites that are importing and exporting tens-of-thousands of locations.

A URL can now be used to import CSV files into the locations list.   Put your location CSV file on a public or internal server and provide the URL in the import locations from URL box.   You no longer have to directly upload the CSV file through your web browser.   This can improve import times especially on sites that have faster server-to-server connections.  This also allows for third party databases to export location data directly into the Store Locator Plus CSV format on disk and have it imported into Store Locator Plus with a single button press.

Pro Pack 4.2.01 URL Import

Pro Pack Change Log