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More Plugin Updates for Locator Plus

More Store Locator Plus add-on packs were updated this weekend.    All of the third party add-on packs have bee updated to be fully compatible with Store Locator Plus 4.3, released last week, and WordPress 4.3 which was released on the same day.    The updates will bring all features and functionality up-to-date for the latest changes to WordPress and Store Locator Plus.

The plugins that were updated today include:

Store Locator Plus 4.3.01

An update to Store Locator Plus that addresses several reported bugs in SLP 4.3 is available in prerelease.   4.3.01 is expected to be a production version in the next 48-72 hours.

This release will fix the “admin white screen” on some installs using specific versions of PHP that are unable to do “look forward” class recognition in include files.    It also fixes an issue with certain PHP environments that have strict double-colon constant definitions where users are mixing 4.2 version add-on packs with version 4.3 of the base plugin.

Premier 4.3.01

Premier Plugin version 4.3.01 is also coming out next week along with the SLP 4.3.01 patch.    The latest iteration of the Premier plugin adds the ability to turn the “Streetview Man” on-and-off on the map interface.   This feature requires SLP version 4.3.01.

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Gravity Forms Integrations With Store Locator Plus

A new series of add-on packs, developed by DeBaat, connects your custom Gravity Forms with Store Locator Plus locations.    The new add-on pack comes in a free and premium “flavor” with the premium addition adding support for extended Store Locator Plus data fields.  The free version allows for the basic name and address fields to be mapped to Gravity Form fields.

The new add-on packs make it easy to create a front-end location submission form for your website that adds new locations to the Store Locator Plus maps.  Settings in Gravity Forms Integration, the premium offering,  provides a mechanism to allow and administrator to determine which locations appear on a map by disabling the automatic geocoding option.

An excerpt from the documentation:

Gravity Forms Locations and Gravity Forms Integration are a pair of add-on packs available for Store Locator Plus that assist in loading Gravity Forms form response data into the Store Locator Plus locations table.

Gravity Forms Locations is a free add-on available from the Store Locator Plus website as well as the WordPress plugin directory.  It provides basic mapping of the base locator name and address fields.

Gravity Forms Integration is a premium add-on available only from the Store Locator Plus website.   It extends the features of the free add-on including the ability to map any of the extended data fields available in the locations database of Store Locator Plus to a Gravity Forms field.

Create A Form

The first step is to create a form in Gravity Forms.    You can find instructions on doing this on the Gravity Forms website.

Gravity Forms 1.8 Example Form

Map Your Fields

Once you have the form created you can use the GFL Mapping menu item under Gravity Forms or click on the slp_gfl_mapping link under the Gravity Forms tab in Store Locator Plus to get to the mapping entries.    You will want to create a new mapping entry for each Gravity Form you want to use to auto-create to Store Locator Plus locations.

Gravity Forms Locations Mapping Menu

On the field mapping you select the Gravity Forms field name a drop down list to attach it to the listed Store Locator Plus fields on the left side of the mapping form.

GFL 4.2.04 Mapping Fields

Listing Locations Automatically

If you have the premium Gravity Forms Integration add-on you can opt to not have locations automatically show up in your Store Locator Plus location listings by having them NOT geocode when entered.  You can use the Pro Pack to geocode locations en-masse or edit them on-at-a-time from the Store Locator Plus location editor to get locations to geocode and have them appear on the listing.


Gravity Forms Integration settings.

You can get more details from DeBaat on the Gravity Forms Locations docs page.


Gravity Forms Integration Change Log

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Store Locator Plus 4.2.21 Update Prepares For Gravity Forms Integration

Gravity Forms Banner

Store Locator Plus 4.2.21 has been released in preparation for the launch of the forthcoming Gravity Forms integration plugins from DeBaat.   The changes include minor modifications to the way the locations table is loaded in the admin pages.   This change may improve stability for select installations of Store Locator Plus when other plugins manipulate the built-in WordPress List Tables classes.

Watch for announcements of the new Gravity Forms add-on packs for Store Locator Plus.   A free edition and extended premium edition will be available by year-end.   The add-on packs will allow you to build forms using Gravity Forms that will provide a mechanism for users to add locations to the Store Locator Plus database.

Of note is a change that fixes a bug that prevented radius selections with a decimal, such as 0.5 miles, from executing properly.   This fix does cause an issue with Enhanced Search.  Users of Enhanced Search should upgrade to version 4.2.05, available now.

[box type=”alert”]Enhanced Search users should upgrade to 4.2.05 when upgrading the base Store Locator Plus plugin to version 4.2.21 or higher.[/box]

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