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Store Locator Plus version 4.4.05 , map domains, new add-on development , and Freemius feedback options

SLP version 4.4 had been undergoing testing and is now in production mode as 4.4.05 for download.


  • SLP 4.4 is compatible with all of the 4.3 add-ons
  • Changes were made to the way the query to the Google maps global router server were done. SLP 4.3 versions were using what Google suggested to determine the map queries.
    Croc farm

    For instance, if you had selected from the Map drop down choices, the map domain” Australia” you would expect a search for Melbourne to look in the Australia map for Melbourne, Australia. With the 4.3 version update, the map server was going to the central, or global router to direct to the Google Map servers instead of to the map domain selected in SLP. A video explains what changed and how it is now working

  • An optional “Freemius” system which is a tool to provide Store Locator Plus feedback as to why you deactivated the base plug-in. This will enable SLP to make improvements and catch issues early on. The benefit to the SLP plug-in users s that they are not required to register in the forum to report SLP as “not working.

For an overview of the SLP 4.4 upgrade please watch the Store Locator Plus short video, with some Pre-release news on the up and coming “Experience bundle” that will be offered as a compatible add-on to the new and improved 4.4 plugins. A faster, lighter, and more efficient experience is on its way!

Change Log for SLP