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Intermittent support due to Hurricane Matthew


Due to the evacuation from Charleston , SC and the associated power outages from Hurricane Matthew, Store Locator Plus support will be intermittent over the next week  until we can  get back home and assess the situation.   We will respond to your questions in the forum as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience.


Hurricane Matthew in Charleston SC

Mandatory South Carolina Evacuations For Hurricane Matthew Begin


CiCi and Lance



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Daily Update : Tagalong and Forums


‘After a day of fixing other people’s code I am now back to working on Tagalong.    The 3.9 update means some major re-tooling of the product.   Not because it was wrong, but because it will be far more efficient and better integrated with all other add-on packs by using some of the new features that were baked into 3.9.   Along the way I’ll be improving Store Locator Plus as well.   My goal is to have an update of SLP and Tagalong out-the-door before I leave to attend WordCamp Atlanta next week.

Support Forums

In the meantime I spent some time yesterday, having been “coded out” for the day, setting up the Store Locator Plus support forum on my website.   I’ve made several posts about the reasoning for this, the primary reason being the lack of  search features via the WordPress forums that return results just for my plugins.   Often a simple search returns a LOT of “static” with useless posts and answers that won’t help my customers.    It is all about providing a better overall experience for my customers.

The forum software is new to me and I’m sure I don’t have it “fully tweaked” yet, but I hope it will be a better experience overall.   If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve the forums please share either via this post or on the forums themselves.


Don’t Have A Forum Login?

If you’ve purchased ANYTHING from the CSA website you will automatically have a “participant” login to the forums so you can post and reply to messages.

Username or email not found? If you purchased a license key from within a plugin instead of ordering directly from this site, you will not have a username or email address registered here. Don’t worry, you can create an account by ordering something.

What?!? I need to order something? I just want to access the forum! Ok. Don’t “freak out” as my son would say. Order something that is FREE. Like the Store Locator Plus base product.

This site is for customers, not lurkers or trolls, which is why I have generic “register/sign-up” options disabled.