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Back To Coding

10 days, 7 pounds, and 67 emails later I am finally getting back online.    While I’ve managed to sneak in a few coding hours between entertaining guests and partaking in the awesome “foodie’s playground” of Charleston South Carolina, I’ve essentially been “unplugged” for the week.    Today it is time to get back to the code.  On my short term agenda:

Get Tagalong updated & published.

Tagalong has been neglected for a while.   I am pushing to get the new release out there so it works properly with Store Locator Plus 3.9.    Along the way I’ve been making some updates to the Store Locator Plus core to better support Tagalong.   Most of the changes to the main plugin will be hidden elements but it will make for a better way of adding “deep data” to store locations without hacking up the database every time.   Tagalong was already doing this which is why Store Pages was needed, however the new release is being crafted in a way that ANY add-on pack could use this methodology WITHOUT requiring Store Pages.

It is a lot of work, but I will be putting my “head down” and focusing on Tagalong code and the core plugin changes required to support.

Without further adieu… time to code…