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WordPress Store Locator Featured Results Fix

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Store Locator Plus 4.2.46 was released today with a patch that fixes extended data element processing.   The patch directly addresses the Enhanced Results featured locations listings, rank ordering, as well as some of the add-on pack features of the extended data packs.  The patch does not require an update to Enhanced Results,  though a update is imminent for that product to extended internationalization/localization and WPML compatibility.

SLP 4.2.46 ER 4.2
Featured Locations on Store Locator Plus 4.2.46 with Enhanced Results 4.2.05

Store Locator Plus Changelog

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Enhanced Results Patch Fixes Rank Issue

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Enhanced Results version 4.1.14 was released today with several important bug fixes.   Issues with the extended data fields for hte rank and featured setting have been resolved.   The ZERO rank is now considered “unranked” the same as the null or blank entries to fix location sorting issues when changing a previously ranked entry to a blank value (WordPress stores this as a zero in the database).

In addition the Swedish language files have been added to the product and the image display on the manage locations has been moved out of Enhanced Result into the base plugin.

Enhanced Results Changelog