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Envy 17 17-3070NR Video Problems When Recording

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  • HP Envy 17-3070NR with latest video drivers & BIOS
  • 3x HP ZR2440w Monitors attached, 2 on display port, 1 on HDMI


Any time I access ANYTHING to do with recording, such as going to the windows sounds interface and clicking on the recording tab, the screen on ONE of the Display Ports flickers to the point of being unusable.

It shows flashing thin 1 or 2- pixels white lines in random patterns on the screen, then the entire display shuts off.  It turns back on and looks fine for 2 seconds, then does it again until I click on the Playback, Sounds, or Communications tab.  This happens with ANY access to “recording” from any app including my Skype call recorder or my Screencast recorder.

This did not happen before I upgraded to the 1920×1200 ZR2440w monitors, which I did after confirming with HP support that the Envy 17-3070NR would indeed support 1920×1200 resolution if I used display port connections.

The problem continues if I swap monitors, so it is not a monitor issue.

The problem continues if I disconnect/disable the 3rd monitor on HDMI, in fact the cycle happens even faster with that display disconnected.

This looks very much like an old-school video memory corruption issue like you would have back in 1996 on  a Windows XP computer with crappy video cards and/or poorly written video drivers.      If I had to guess I would say BIOS and/or AMD drivers need work.

Has any else seen this problem?

Any clues how to fix this besides “don’t use 3 monitors” or “don’t record screen casts”?

Customer Non-Support

The best part is that I am entitled to email or chat or phone support from HP with my extended warranty.  Yet HP completely fails in that regard.    First of all the website the checks to see if you are entitled for support looks up my serial number and product number, shows the right product in the sidebar yet the customer support form only allows for PRINTER options on describing what is wrong.

HP Consumer Division Incompetence A Laptop is Not A Printer
HP Consumer Division Incompetence A Laptop is Not A Printer

HP needs to hire some programmers.

HP Fails At Selling Customer Care Packs

Then, to make things more fun, when I contact HP directly they tell me I do not have a warranty.   I have a dozen emails back & forth from HP stating I DO have a warranty for 3 years.    I can understand why they are confused, however, since THREE HP employees over the past year have screwed up my extended warranty so badly that nobody can figure out what the hell is going on.  Not even their escalation team.

The first person sold me the wrong warranty.

The second person “fixed” the warranty and attached a DIFFERENT, but still incorrect, extended warranty.

The third person, in the HP Escalation Division, fixed the problem again but did not properly attach the extended warranty to my serial number so nobody can find it.

Unfortunately there is no online form or interface available to the mundane every day HP Customer Support people that allows them to “enter the personal email sent from an HP manager ensuring the customer has an extended warranty” box.    Since my case falls completely outside of their scripted responses they are completely baffled.     Customer Support lemmings are not trained to think, just click the boxes, recite the words on the screen like Obama reading a teleprompter, and move on.  No thought required.    Come to think of it, maybe HP is training everyone to be the next POTUS.


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HP Care Pack – Buyer Beware

HP Support Assistant

I love HP equipment, especially their servers.   My HP Envy 17 laptop rocks, very “apple-like”.  However I am FURIOUS at HP for blatant mis-representation of product when it comes to the HP Care Pack.

My laptop is my lifeblood.  I use it for home and business EVERY DAY without exception.  It is how I earn a living.   Last time I sent an Asus laptop for repair they lost it for 3 months.  I had to buy a new laptop and when they finally sent mine back I didn’t need it any longer.  That was a $1200 mistake I vowed to never make again.

As such I opted for the $400 on-site extended warranty with accidental damage protection.   The on-site repair has a guaranteed 6-hour turnaround and they send a technician to your house to do the repairs.  Perfect.

From the HP website:

Enjoy the convenience of having a technician come right to your home or office, if needed, to help resolve desktop or notebook PC issues with HP Care Pack On-site Service. You’ll also have access to 24×7 technical support and extended security while keeping your PC covered by the manufacturer that knows it best. Extended coverage begins the day you buy your HP PC. You’ll get the most coverage and value if you buy this plan when you purchase your PC. For example: • If you buy the 2-year plan when you purchase your PC, you’ll get coverage for 2 full years. • If you buy the 2-year plan 3 months after you purchase your PC, you’ll get 21 months of coverage only. Multi-year options are available. 
  On-site hardware repair
  24×7 remote support
  Replacement parts and materials
  Monitor coverage
  • Help improve system uptime. Convenient onsite support. Reliable response times.
  • • Reduction of incidents by anticipating issues through real-time monitoring of the environment and case history trend reporting Through the availability to purchase options, Proactive Care helps you by providing:.
  • • Increased accountability and personalization through the assignment of an account support team that will provide support planning and reviews • Maximize return on IT assets through performance and availability analysis.
  • • Simplified operations from fully utilizing management software • Flexible resourcing through access to skills on demand that can help with peak workload and project requirements.
Service and Support provided by:
Hewlett Packard
Technical: 800.334.5144


Yet today, after having damaged the HP Envy 17 while travelling last week, I had the “opportunity” to exercise the HP Care Pack warranty and see how well it works.  Well, in short IT DOESN’T.    The on site repair does not apply to ANYTHING other than replacing a hard drive or memory.  Period.   Damaged case?  Ship it away for 2 weeks.  Damaged screen?  Ship it away for 2 weeks.    Odd.   HP offers a standard damage protection warranty WITHOUT on-site service for $180.     So I paid a $220 premium to have them ship me a hard drive if it fails so I can replace it or have their tech do it, but I guarantee I can do it faster.   Everything else?  Good Bye Laptop… for 2 weeks.

Wow.   I’ve been had.    I damn well guarantee I’ll never buy an on-site warranty for a consumer product from HP again.   I feel like they completely screwed me out of $220 and NOWHERE is it made clear the on-site service or 6-hour turnaround does not apply to 99.99% of the cases where your laptop would be damaged.

HP just served up a huge helping of fail cake.

Don’t believe it?  Call HP and find out.

HP Customer Care:  1-800-474-6836 (1-800-HP INVENT)

HP Escalation Team: 1-877-917-4380ext. 93.