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Enhanced Results Update 4.1.11

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A patch for Enhanced Results has been released to the general public today.

The patch fixes a problem with some installs that have “Always Show” set for the featured results listings while not having extended data sets in place.    The new release ensures the extended data is added during activation.  If something prevents the extended data from being added the add-on fixes an issue where results are not returned.

Other updates are minor including a new Dutch (nl_NL) translation, as well as new Spanish and Serbian translations.

Starting today, users that have purchased Enhanced Results will have access to the production and prerelease (not for production systems) versions of the Enhanced Results add-on pack via their My Account / Downloads page.    This provides an opportunity for all users to participate in the prerelease/beta-testing cycle before an update is put into production.

Enhanced Results Prerelease Details


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