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Plugin Update System – Preparing for SLP4

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The last Beta Test Group release of Store Locator Plus 4 (SLP4) went out last Friday.  This week will be spent cleaning up the last of the bug list and preparing the website for the public launch of SLP4.     You may have noticed that the SLP4 product line went online on the Charleston Software Associates website.    The 4.0 versions of the add-on packs and the main Store Locator Plus plugin are now available for public purchase, however they are still considered beta products at this point in time.

The next series of updates for the Store Locator Plus 4 product line will go out via the formal public release.   The Beta Test Group will need to download the patches from their account login at the CSA Website.    Beta Test Group users that have been selected for the free SLP4 upgrade will find the SLP4 products in their account. All other customers will need to purchase the SLP4 compatible add-on packs using the coupon links that will appear in their account after logging in to the CSA Website.   More details will follow when the coupons have been published.

In the next series of updates for the add-on packs and the SLP4 base plugin there will be a hook the built-in WordPress update check system that will now select the proper major release and check if there is an update available for the plugin.    Thus if your site is running SLP4 with Pro Pack 4 the server will check for new version of Pro Pack 4 whenever WordPress update checks are executed.   If there is a new version of the Pro Pack 4 add-on pack your admin panel will indicate an update is available.   The latest zip file can be downloaded and installed in the same fashion as plugins or add-on packs that are listed in the public WordPress Plugin Directory.

The same is true for Store Locator Plus version 3 and the SLP3 compatible add-on packs.   However as of today Store Locator Plus 3 and the related add-on packs will no longer be developed or updated.   All patches and updates will be provided in Store Locator Plus 4 and the compatible add-on packs only unless there is a reported security vulnerability in the Store Locator Plus 3 product line.

Upgrading SLP3

When the production release of Store Locator Plus 4 ships, the main WordPress Plugin Directory will be updated to host SLP4DO NOT UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION IF YOU ARE RUNNING SLP3 ADD-ON PACKS.    If you are running version 3.X of Store Locator Plus with any of the add-on packs activated you must disable all of the add-on packs before upgrading to SLP4.   Before re-activating the plugins you will need to purchase the SLP4 compatible release.

SLP4 Discounts

Discount coupons for the SLP4 version of add-on packs that you have purchased in the past should be available in the next week or less.    The discount will be 100% if you purchase the SLP4 release within 30 days of purchasing your SLP3 add-on pack.    The discount will be 75% for anyone that purchased the SLP3 add-on pack within 365 days of upgrading to SLP4.     No other discounts will be offered.  The discounts will be a rolling window; if you are thinking about upgrading to SLP4 y ou will want to do it sooner rather than later.

Refunds will not be offered on purchases made using coupons.