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Store Locator Plus 4.4.19 and Tagalong 4.4.01 and User Interface updates


Some of you may have already noticed some changes  in the Store Locator Plus User Interface Panel.  We hope you like the new look, it is still being “remodeled” so we appreciate your patience while it is under construction.   The usability of the plugin should not be effected but if there is anything you cannot readily see please let us know.

In addition to the UI changes, we are endeavoring to create a new documentation site that will use the Word Press posts and categories method to augment the search box function.  It has been frustrating for  support  to search the documentation or the posts for the best answers as you may be aware.    The new Documentation site should be a great help narrowing down your search for specific instructions and/or ” how to”  information.

Store Locator Plus 4.4.19 Bug fix

A bug that was inadvertently introduced somewhere along the way, effected the “Disable scroll wheel” and “do not auto zoom” feature of Enhanced Map.  The bug only effected the Legacy add-on(s) and was a minute error in one line of code that was not readily noticed in testing.  The new Experience add-on , and upcoming Power Add-on are written correctly using best practices and rely on a different section of the base plug-in code (my non – technical explanation) and therefore were not effected.   Eventually all the old legacy code will be updated to work  efficiently with correct syntax and using best practices.   Which will mean a lot less updates and better performance.    Don’t worry there will be notices sent out  well ahead of time when this happens and your Legacy add-ons will still work with the 4.4 versions of SLP.


Tagalong version 4.4.01 was released today and addresses a missing translation string  for our Netherlands compatriots.  Thank you to Ramona for reporting this and for following through with us as the developer went through the files to find the missing translation for “Add”. Yep, that one little word created a mystery and confusion all its own, and why this support person could not find or replicate the issue. (my site isn’t in Dutch).   I will be adding translations to my support role on an interim as needed basis.

A reminder to our multi lingual  customers, website designers, developers or techie types, if you are interested in providing a translation services for add-ons that have not been translated, or are not at 100%  for the new Experience add-on , Store Locator Plus will reward you (once verified) with a free add-on or a discount coupon for your trouble.  If you have already translated and add-on, please send us the completed .po and .mo files.  To find out more please contact us.    You can also contribute translations for the base plug-in  at the Store Locator Plus directory at WordPress Translate.

Store Locator Plus also has a new You Tube channel where the video playlists will be combined and updated as needed. You can also click on the you tube icon in the SLP Info panel.

If you have any questions please post them in the forum and provide a screenshot of your plugin environment when requesting support or reporting any issues. Its not that we are nosy, but knowing what versions helps us when determining the source of any possible issues, plus it saves us time.  Sometimes it is a simple “update” that is needed. SLp-new-pluginenvironment-1

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