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Unlocking Your Phone Is Now Illegal

This brief audio clip from NPR explains Digital Millenium Copyright Act and how the cell carriers have lobbied to have DCMA extended to cover the software in cell phones.   This change makes it illegal to unlock a cell phone.    This audio clip explains why after giving a brief background on how it applies to music and they segues into how the cell carriers got it to cover your phone.

I agree with the comment of the lead expert in this interview… “it is like making illegal to pick a lock you put on your own home to gain access to your house”.    Couldn’t agree more.

Here is the NPR piece on this subject:

Digital Locks Limit Access To Copyrighted Works


Owning a copy of a movie or a piece of music doesn’t mean what it used to mean. You have it for good on your digital device, but you can’t sell it or give it away the way you could with a DVD or LP. And, the phone you may be watching or listening on is similarly out of your control.