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Work On Store Locators Plus Or Just Follow Along

Are you a coder or application designer that has some cool things you want to contribute to the Store Locator Plus project? If so there is a Trello project and a Slack channel that I have started using more frequently to communicate with the developer community. Send and email to info@ or use the Contact Form on the website and request and invite. You will be added to both services where you can not only see what is going on with future Store Locator Plus development but share your comments, code, CSS patches, designs and other talents to make Store Locator Plus the best locator possible.

Looking forward to your contributions!

– Lance

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Store Locator Plus Layout Control

Customer Sites A360 Banner

A number of requests have been coming in asking a similar question:

How do I get Store Locator Plus to look like THIS….

This is typically either a screen shot from a Store Locator Plus advanced theme or from a customer site.

Some of the customer sites will require fairly extensive CSS and page layout tweaks.   Making those awesome looking sites doesn’t come easy and usually isn’t rolled up in an exactly-perfect-just-right WordPress + Store Locator Plus theme.   Luckily the Store Locator Plus add-on packs make it very easy to tweak the plugin layout controls which gives your  web graphics design team all the tools they need to get it “just right”.  No code editing or inline hacks required.

Here is the summary of what you will need to get the job done:

If you want full layout control of the advanced themes you will need to get at least the Pro Pack.

To get the EXACT look of many of the SLP Advanced Themes you will want to add Enhanced Search and Enhanced Results at a minimum.
I recommend 4 add-on packs for full layout control:
– Pro Pack : general layout of the locator components
– Enhanced Search : fine-tuned layout over the search form
– Enhanced Map : fine-tuned layout of the map area
– Enhanced Results – fine-tuned layout of the search results area
You can get all 4 plus Taglong for adding location categories with icons and a map legend via The Experience package which gives you all of the User Experience options.