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SLP Customer Directory

SLP4 Package Array

As part of the extended test of SLP4 I have decided to build a customer directory of websites running SLP (along with a world map, of course) to be published on this site and linked directly in the Store Locator Plus 4 product description.

If you would like to have your SLP enabled website listed in the directory please contact me or post in the forum with the following details (as you’d like it to be shown on this site):

  • Store/Business Name.
  • Physical address include Street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country.
  • Your URL for the page where the SLP map is shown.
  • A brief description (think tweet, not documentary).

Yes, I am now running SLP4 on some live sites, including this one, as are some people in the Beta Test Group.   It is getting close to final release, though I’m still in bug-squashing mode while trying to write docs and taking more screen shots.    Tutorials including text + video on how to customize the user experience will start next month along with some much-awaited new add-on packs.

Remember, SLP4 will require paid upgrades to any premium add-on packs you’ve purchased.   If you upgrade the base plugin without upgrading the premium add-on packs at the same time it will break.

Purchases of SLP3 premium add-ons made after September 1st will be given a free upgrade to SLP4.  Anyone that purchased SLP3 premium add-ons before September 1st will be given a discount to upgrade to SLP4.   In both cases you’ll want to purchase your SLP4 upgrade in the month of October as there will be a moving 30-day window from date of purchase for free upgrades and a moving 365-day window for the discounted upgrades.

Details will be posted soon.

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How To Make Building Plugins NOT Be Fun…

I like to think of what I do as something that is not only fun but serves as a beneficial set of tools for the select few WordPress users that use my plugins.   Creating software is a passion and a hobby that I enjoy.   I am glad that many people find what I do useful and appreciate my efforts.   I get a half-dozen message every week from appreciative customers.

I know my software is not perfect.   I know the software I didn’t write, like the commerce engine and plugins I use on my website, is not not perfect.    But I try to give my customers the best experience I can.   I am not a big company.  I don’t have contractors.   I do spend anywhere from 20 to 50 hours in a normal week writing code, updating documentation, answering support questions in the forums, and contributing to other open source software projects related to the plugins I write.

Sometimes I sleep.   I do go on vacation.  I spend time with my family and my guests when they come visit us at our home.    In other words I am not tethered to my computer 24/7.

Most people get that and understand that instant answers are not always possible.    MOST people.

Your Money, My Time

The money people spend on the add-on packs is minimal compared to the THOUSANDS of hours I’ve spent crafting the plugins.     It is a great way to say “hey, thanks for all the hard work… I really get some good use out of this thing” and I truly am very grateful for the purchases.

However, every-so-often I get to experience the “joy” of dealing with a customer that somehow thinks their $10 or $50 they spend on buying an add-on pack makes them the center of the universe.  They insist on immediate responses to every question or that I call them or provide a way for them to call me because they actually spent some money for stuff they would typically NEVER pay for.     Sorry, but that is not how it works.     When is the last time ANYONE spent even $100 on a piece of software and had any kind of access to a real person in real time?

If I wanted to be on the phone providing support to users every day I’d go back into full time consulting where I was earning $300/hour to help people with technical issues.    I left that behind on purpose as time with friends & family is way more important to me than making a dollar and dropping my personal life to conduct business.

“Being An Amy”

Today I received a flurry of emails from “Amy” while I was out at lunch with my guests.  It reminded me why I left consulting and general direct sales to focus on family.   People like this make interacting with the public very NOT FUN.   Please “Don’t Be An Amy”.

Purchase Arrives @ 11:22 AM with automated email sent including a license key….

11:26 AM

Yes hi I made a purchase and have not received the key registration. WHERE IS IT?

You need to have a customer service phone number for all I know I could be emailing India and not the US and this could be a scam.


Thnak you,

12:57 PM

STILL WAITING!!!!!!! At this point I am ready to demand a full refund. Very disappointed it your lack of service.

1:56 PM

FYI here is my receipt.

1:59 PM

Hi Lance I am sure this gets forwarded to your email address. I would like a status ASAP on this products non-arrival even after payment has been made. This is very bad customer service on your part. I would like a full refund back with receipt that it has been sent.

Thank you a very disappointed customer,


2:15 I arrive back from lunch and see the email thread.   I IMMEDIATELY refund Amy.  An automated email from PayPal is sent out at that time.

4:40 PM 


How many times do  I need to send an email to get a reply?
i would like to get a full refund for this horrible lack of service not provided here.

4:50 I send another email to Amy to let her know the refund was already sent via PayPal (the only payment option I accept).

4:43 PM

LOL. Seriously first of all I didn’t purchase this thru paypal. You should know you have 2 choices here since you created this option 1 thru paypal or option 2 thru credit card which I did the option 2.

4:55 PM

Also like I said before I would like a refund I even sent you the receipt this is your company you should know how to refund and send back the information to me the customer and there is nothing in my spam box or else I would’t be so annoyed.

5:17 PM

STILL WAITING FOR PROOF OF REFUND!!!!!!!!! Thank you today would be a good day.


STILL WAITING FOR PROOF OF REFUND!!!!!!!!! Thank you today would be a good day.


At this point I am ignoring all email from “Amy”.    She just doesn’t get it.    Not only has she been harassing me all day but if she took 30 seconds to read the “Contact Me” page she’d have seen the license key look up.    She was also told the refund already happened, but she still thinks it hasn’t been done.  She obviously has NO CLUE that she has paid via PayPal and thus has no idea how to even verify the refund.

Update: ON NO!  More Amyness…

Why are people like this?  Seriously?  THANK GOD I get way more “you rock” and “thanks for helping me” and “awesome plugin” emails and reviews.    The rest of the people… the one-in-one-hundred like this really need to have their Internet Access Card revoked!

This came in via personal email from someone that feels they deserve personal one-on-one support because they can’t get the page to look how they want.  They don’t like the default layout or any of the free themes that are included.  This was his response after I said “you have a typo in your HTML” and “if you want support play nice, if you are a pill I will be too” which was sent after receiving the first harsh email.


…I am 47 – you can look me up on Google …. I am worth a few Million … your arse wipe.
I have sent you 3 emails in total – I am not “Constantly hammering me” … play nice …??? I paid $75 for 2 plugins, they look nice … I now need a little assistance to make them work as per SPEC. If you sell something, at least sell it to spec or you get FUCKED. I sell lots of stuff, it has to be 100% or I get FUCKED also … but I have made it … clearly you are just an angry little man.
Now … what is the TYPO? OR just give me some code to put in and I am happy. If you want paying, FUCK it I will pay!

Thanks John.  Thanks for reminding me why I retired from a business where I HAD to provide service-with-a-smile every day… even to the jerks.    Now, I luckily have the option of saying “piss off” to the customers that are a pain in the ass.

Regardless of what is said, the customer is NOT always right.  Some customers are just asses, pain and simple.


Oh… and for Amy… she came to the Forums at WordPress and posted a “WHERE IS MY REFUND” post… to which I responded… “it was sent 4 hours after your initial request, over a month ago”.  She sure is tenacious.    Hopefully that Ritalin worked out, I’ve not heard from her since.


Partnerships v. Foes

So please, please, please “Don’t Be An Amy”.     If you have an issue let me know, be polite, and remember that we are all in this TOGETHER.    If you work with me, I work with you.   If you deem yourself “master of all you survey” and think that “I owe you”, the relationship is over.    I much prefer being partners in EVERYTHING I do, personal life, coding life, and otherwise.      If you want to “battle and conquer” please take that elsewhere.   Don’t worry, I’ll be OK without the $50 donation from the select few that don’t get it.

Thank You

As for the rest of you, the 99.99% of the customers that DO get it.    THANK YOU.   A big huge thank you for supporting my efforts and being super-cool about it.      Thanks to people like you I truly enjoy what I do and love contributing back to the community!