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Pro Pack Adds Scheduled Location Imports

The Pro Pack add on for Store Locator Plus was updated to add scheduled location imports.   The release, available immediately, utilizes the WordPress task scheduling system (WordPress cron) to provide a way for CSV files to be imported on a scheduled basis.   Imports can be run hourly, twice daily, or daily.   Manual , “on demand” , imports remains part of the product allow for instantaneous updates when needed.

Pro Pack 4.2.03 Import Locations
Pro Pack 4.2.03 Import Locations

Pro Pack Changelog

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Pro Pack Upgrade : Location Imports With URLs

Pro Pack version 4.2.01 has been released with a patch, a tweak, and a new feature.

The patch is a fix to the reporting module which has been upgraded to use the WordPress DB class to process SQL requests.  This ensures compatibility with both older and newer versions of PHP where direct MySQL functions have been changed in the PHP engine.

A tweak has been made to try to force the PHP maximum execution time to 10 minutes if the server will allow it.  Not all servers allow web apps to change execution times for scripts.  For those that allow such a change, the higher execution time should allow for fewer truncated location import and exports; especially on sites that are importing and exporting tens-of-thousands of locations.

A URL can now be used to import CSV files into the locations list.   Put your location CSV file on a public or internal server and provide the URL in the import locations from URL box.   You no longer have to directly upload the CSV file through your web browser.   This can improve import times especially on sites that have faster server-to-server connections.  This also allows for third party databases to export location data directly into the Store Locator Plus CSV format on disk and have it imported into Store Locator Plus with a single button press.

Pro Pack 4.2.01 URL Import

Pro Pack Change Log