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Translation Team : SLP 4.1 / SLP Pro 4.1 Uploaded

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The latest Store Locator Plus 4.1 and Store Locator Plus Pro Pack version 4.1 have been uploaded to the Store Locator Plus board on Trello.  Community Contributors (The CiCi Group) can use their Trello login to access the board and retrieve the latest English .po files and zip files of these plugins.

SLP 4.1 is scheduled to go into production this coming Wednesday (the Jan 29th), translations are desired but not required by that date.

SLP Pro 4.1 is scheduled to go into production Thursday (Jan 30th) or Friday (Jan 31st), translations are desired but not required by that date.

Translations that arrive after production release dates will be added and published in a patch release.

Getting Started

The easiest way to do a translation, in my opinion, is to install theCodestyling Localizaton plugin.

  • Install Codestyling Localization
  • Download/Install/Activate the latest version of SLP attached.
  • Go to Tools/Localization in your admin panel.
  • Find the Store Locator Plus section
    — Rescan for an existing language
    — Add New Language to add a new language
  • Click Edit
  • Edit any items that need to be changed.
  • Save the items (this creates/updates the .po file)
  • Click “generate mo-file” when done.

When you are finished send the .po and .mo file or post it here and send a note to

Languages Wanted

It would be great to have all of the SLP plugins translated into the top 10 languages used by the WordPress community!

The CiCi Group

If you are part of the Community Contributors group of coders or translators you have already been invited to this board.

If you are a translator and wish to become a member of the Store Locator Plus Community Contributors board please use the contact form and indicate your interest in translating the Store Locator Plus plugin into a new language.    When your completed translation is received you will be granted access to the board and copies of the latest add-on packs.

The SLP board at Trello shares insight in the current and future path of Store Locator Plus. What we are working on as a community group, what ideas and concepts are being considered, and what is in production.   The only way to become part of the “C C group” is to contribute to Store Locator Plus.  The fastest path at the moment is to submit one of the 100+ translations that are wanted for the base plugin.