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Store Locator Plus update to version 4.3.22, fixes fallback to center map, changed and added styles, previews, and other patches

Blue Mountains Australia
Blue Mountains Australia

Highlights of the fixes and updates:

A new style ” Beside Myself Again” has been added to the SLP plug-in style directory.  Additionally, some of the older styles that are no longer supported will not be displayed as a selection and may not work as well with the current 4.3 versions of the plug-in.

Under Experience/View  of  the SLP plugin styles, a new feature has been introduced. A thumbnail allows for you to preview  how the map will display when selecting one of the SLP  styles  when save settings is clicked.  The Plug-In styles options will be evident  if you have one of the add-ons such as Pro Pack, Enhanced Results or other Enhanced  SLP add-ons.

The callback setting that allows for a map to still be displayed  when the Google Map API server was “busy”  has been patched so that if you cleared the lat/long it resets properly.  This feature ONLY effects a site when Google was not working when queries were sent  to the server and  instead sending results to a longitude/latitude of (0,0) which is off the coast of Africa.

SLP 4.3.22 also patches how the SLP Search form Widget interfaced. When  re-directing  to a WP Map page that had a Store Locator Plus shortcode of “center map at”,  the  re-direct to the page was not reading the  specific SLP shortcode  on the page for center_map_at = “address”, and thus not rendering the correct map.

  • Enhancement: Add Plugin Styles preview images for some of the advanced themes.
  • Enhancement: Provide a trigger when showing admin interface subpanels for improved admin UI experience with add-on packs.
  • Enhancement: New Beside Myself Again Plugin Style. Map on left, search and results on right. Works best with The Experience Package of add-ons.
  • Enhancement: Added support for the new map info bubble footnote setting provided by the Premier add-on.
  • Fix: Center Map Fallback now gets proper lat/lng when a specific address is used for center map at and the center lat/lng is set to blank.
  • Fix: Make the Center Map At the default address when loading the map page via Widget references.
  • Change: Any user that has the update_plugins capability will allow the premium add-on packs to be updated. Prior to 4.3.21 this feature required and admin to have the manage_slp capability.
  • Change: Older Plugin Styles have been moved to the css/legacy directory including above_and_beyond_nyloboard_01, beside_the_point_2012, default_2014, default_old, default, and twentyfifteen_rev_02. All are superceded with newer versions.

The author has a short video explaining the functions and provides a quick visual reference and explanation. The video mentions version 4.3.21, but it is actually version 4.3.22 which envelopes 4.3.21.


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