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PlugIntelligence 0.5 Released

PlugIntelligence had a minor patch release today (which in retrospect should have been version 0.4.1).

The new patch fixes a warning that would come up whenever a fresh install of the plugin was being used for the first time. The database options field was not initialized. This would add an entry to the server log file. The problem went away after saving the options for the first time.

What is PlugIntelligence?

This is a free plugin that works within your WordPress admin panel to restrict the results that are returned from the WordPress plugin directory when doing a plugin search.    By default every plugin that matches the keywords you enter will be returned, regardless of age or quality.

This plugin allows you to set parameters on several key metrics including:

Minimum plugin rating (0 = 0 stars, 80 = 4 stars, 100 = perfect 5-star rating).

Maximum plugin rating.

Minimum number of ratings.

Minimum tested version.  This is one of my favorites as it is a simple way to weed out older plugins that are likely no longer in active development.

PlugIntelligence Main Settings
PlugIntelligence Main Settings