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Store Locator Plus 4 – First 48 Hours

It has been a very hectic 48 hours since the launch of Store Locator Plus 4.   Luckily is has been going well for most users, both new users and those that upgraded.   However it has not been without issue.   Here are the main topics of discussion, both public and private, that have been going on with the SLP4 release on Monday.

Add Location Bug

Some sites that upgraded from SLP3 to SLP4 are having issues with the manual add locations form.   The bulk import of Pro Pack is working, however.

I have isolated the problem to the way the add location form is rendered.   The name field on the add location form should have an input id of ‘store-‘.   If it does not the system will not load the location.   I am still trying to determine why some systems are not rendering the add location form properly.

I have several theories including the overloaded indexes on servers that have been running SLP3 for several upgrade iterations.   A bug in the WordPress dbDelta function creates duplicate indexes in MySQL which causes the Store Locator Plus table to exceed the 64 index limit on the table.    Luckily I found a workaround to the WordPress bug that prevents the duplicate indexes in the SLP4 releases.  Manually removing the sl_store_#, sl_longitude_#, and sl_latitude_# index entries, deactivating, then re-activating the base Store Locator Plus plugin will ensure the indexes and base wp_store_locator table are configured properly.  You can use a tool like phpMyAdmin to remove the excess indexes or get to the MySQL command line and use the “show index in wp_store_locator” command to list the duplicates followed by “drop index sl_store_2 on wp_store_locator” for each of the excess indexes.    If you are comfortable with this process I recommend checking the indexes and dropping the extras even if you are not having add location problems.   Excess indexes slow down adds and updates in the database.

There may also be a problem with how the form is rendered but I cannot reproduce the problem on my development systems.   After performing the above index clean up and adding a line of debugging to the live server that did reproduce the issues has caused the problem to go away.

I’m still chasing this issue and hope to have a patch today.

Using Coupons

A lot of people are confused about the coupons for discounted upgrades for SLP4 versions of the product.  Here is the process to get a discount:

Login to using the login that contains the purchases of your SLP3 versions of the add-on packs.

Go to the Store Locator Plus 4 Add On List and click on those add-on packs you purchased in the past.

You will see 2 coupons above the order button for the SLP4 version.   If a coupon says “expired” your purchases do not qualify for that specific discount.

Copy the unexpired coupon code for either 100% off (purchased SLP3 within past 30 days) or 75% off (purchased SLP within past year).

Click order.

Paste the coupon into the “apply coupons” box.

Click apply.

You will see the discount in the total for your order.

If you have made a qualifying purchase within the past year but did not do so through the shopping cart on this site you will need to email me with a copy of your original purchase receipt or PayPal transaction ID so I can send you a one-time-use coupon.