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    (Please ignore #43944 post…this will cover that issue, plus another)
    Two questions with regard to this site:
    1. In addition to searching by address (or zip, city, state, etc.) we also need a filter for “location type.” This may be the same type of filter used for stores that sell different products, but specifically we have clinics that treat humans, and other clinics that treat horses.

    Human practitioners and Equine practitioners.
    How do I get this into the code?

    2. There is no space between my “street” and “street2”. I assume the problem is within the snippet of code below? What’s the fix?
    <div class=”results_row_center_column” id=”slp_center_cell_[slp_location id]” >
    <span class=”slp_result_address slp_result_street”>[slp_location address]</span>
    <span class=”slp_result_address slp_result_street2″>[slp_location address2]</span>

    SLP: 4.6.4

    Experience: 4.6.3
    WordPress 4.6.1



    Is the Category Manager a part of the Experience Add On?

    Asking because I found this response:

    Tagging Locations

    “Tagging” locations can be done one of two ways.  The informal method is to use free-form tags that are setup via the Power add on under the Experience tab.   The structured method is to use the Category Manager under the Categories tab.

    The Categories Manager is almost-always the better solution.  It uses the WordPress taxonomy system to link categories to locations.  It supports hierarchical category structures and allows map markers and icons to correlate to the category.  It is the best way to assign custom map markers and icons to locations for things like “services provided” or products.



    By adding to your first question you make this post appear to be less than 24 hours old, please refer to the posting guidelines. Premier customers are answered first then this forum, it can take several days to be answered depending on if I am working that day and if there are other things going on in the developers SCHEDULE. if you “bump”, then your question appears newer than it is, and the order we answer questions is by date

    1) Paid support 2) Premier customers forum, 3) Store locator plus forums, then last :  email unless it is in reference to a sale inquiry or payments, or is from a paid customization.

    I do not know which SLP plugin style nor what your theme is but for Default theme rev 2015 this is what that sections looks like “out of the box”

    <div class=”results_row_center_column” id=”slp_center_cell_[slp_location id]” ><span class=”slp_result_address slp_result_street”>[slp_location address]</span><span class=”slp_result_address slp_result_street2″>[slp_location address2]</span>

    It looks fine on my site without touching anything in the layout , the second line of the address appears on the second line in the center col. on front end.  So if that isnt how it is appearing on your site,  It could be your Theme (which may override the layout), or it could be a css rule you have added. I have no way of knowing.

    You wuld have to look at your snippets using any browser developer tool to see if your WP theme is creating an issue because of size of box etc.

    if you  need to , you could put in a <br> somewhere after the line. You have Experience so you can write css rules if you need to correct and override a cell that was inherited by your theme. See the docs site and youtube videos on how to change results, layouts, css etc.


    I am attaching the screenshot of how my results with two address lines appears with the above snippet.



    Question 2, No Category Manager is part of the Power Add-on. Ditto with Tags. See the POWER add-on  Product description or refer to the Buyers Guide



    It says under the experience tab, not add-on . When you look at the Plugin and click on SLP admin panel, you see tabs across the top, or call them headers…


    The section under each Tab or “header” has additional sections in the panel with applicable titles where you find settings in the panel and they are dependent on which add-ons you have installed and activated. If you have experience Add-on you will see additional sections in the panel and you will see what add-on manages that panel

    If you had power Add-on you would also see additional tabs,for the headers , Categories and reports.  I guess I should change the documentation verbiage.




    Would you please provide step-by-step instruction, or provide link to a tutorial, showing:

    • how to categorize locations
    • how to apply the appropriate category to each individual location

    I have Power Add-on and Experience Add-on.



    The new dosc site page.

    Search categories in keywords to find all the posts about the feature

    Here is an older documentation page just about “Tagalong” , same thing as  Categories. It is more intrinsic then the new site documentation  but the screenshots look different since it is of the older interface, it works the same way.

    We will try to add a tutorial later on the SLP you tube channel

    There are a few other tutorials on the SLP You Tube channel that you may find useful.

    This is the Power 4.6.3 tutorial and the directory function might help you think outside of the box of some of the things you are trying to do.

    There is also this tutorial that shows how to use the cascading dropdowns. It references the Premier functionality of having multiple dropdowns in a table with parent child, but you can ignore that part if it doesn’t apply to what you are doing.




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