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Yes, Under the categories manager set the media category marker
This graphic appears as the icon or icon array in the result listing or map info bubble.

See documentation

For instance on this example, I have the Sydney Domestic airport icon I selected for airports but I did not change the map marker so the icon only appears under the results that has that category assigned . You can choose your own icon via the media manager as well.  In this example I only assigned a media icon not the Map marker ot be replaced. You will note that the marker is not appearing on the map itself,  I could select the same icon under the Categories map marker if I wanted to display the category icon/marker to appear the same on both the map and the results if I chose.

You may add a legend for the category icons or use a plugin gallery style that sets a legend icon array if you wish.

Also shown another example. I have transportation with the star maker and star icon set in the category manager, using bennet style which uses category button bar, I clicked on Transportation and you can see the icon in results next to name and also on the map as marker.

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