Answered, as the support indicates, you only need to send an email to support, you can tell us the issue in the email, otherwise we will see the order and send you a query as to what is your issue. Thank you for pointing out that the description could be better.

3 BIZ day email, means, if you pay and order support on Monday , someone in customer support will answer you or or before Thursday of that week.

As far as the rest, this is for the general forum community and I will extrapolate in a FAQ.

If you order and Pay for support on a Friday, realize that we are on the east coast. If the support request comes in at 4 PM EST, do not count the Friday nor SAT/SUN, the clock would start ticking Monday and a 3 Biz day email query or reply would be forthcoming on or before Wed the following week. There is also 1 day Bis support (email) and Troubleshooting Log in. Troubleshooting is NOT included with email support. There are criteria that need to be met, a full back up of your site , etc. before anyone from Tech support will login. Changes will NOT be made to your site. If it is an issue with something in SLP we will fix it. If it is an issue with a theme or another plugin we will not fix those but identify the root issue.