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Lance is phasing out some of those older styles, he is adding gallery styles so that new customers can see what the locator map and results will look like via thumbnail.  But anyone who had an older style on their domain still has it.  Your response that you could not see the older plugin style, leads me to believe that you are using SLP on multiple domains and perhaps you were developing a site for a new customer and looking for that exact style,  am I correct?

I noted under your name you only have ProPAck and Tagalong. You did not include that info, in addition you had asked previous questions about Pages and I do not see that purchase anywhere.  In any case you might want to try upgrading to Experience and Power add-ons.

In the future you must attach a screen shot of your plugin environmnet as it exists todat and the url that you are reporting an issue on.  If you have multiple urls, you should be using Premier.  Premier is a better value for you since you would need both Power and Experience.   People who have multiple domains and using the SLP add-ons over and over again for new customers have been instructed to purchase a new add-on per domain,

Since that can be costly when you develop and /or design multiple sites , more than 3, the best value for you is the Premier subscription.  I strongly urge you to update your versions and upgrade. These LEGACY add-ons that are a couple of years or more old, are being phased out and will not work with future SLP updates. Example:  Enhanced Search will not work with SLP4.7.4