The NiNJA demo site is down.


NO, The “Premier Plugin” is not advised, that only gives you the add-ons and none of the features and functionality of the Premier subscription.

It is written in BOLD letters for a reason.

You should purchase the Premier Subscription instead of purchasing this product directly


You can buy the Power add-on and Experience add-on separately and the  third party add-on User Managed Locations. (Note we do not control the updates to third party add-ons that is the responsibility of the third party add-ons by DeBaat to keep it maintained)

The only “all in one”  that gives you every single add-on , and additional features is the Subscription.

The Premier “plugin” does not provide you all the add-ons and will never provide you new features or updates. If  does not provide any of the exclusive features or premier support that is part of the subscription.  It will not provide you the new plugin style directory .