You need to loOk at any other plugins, for instance we have heard reports that the CONTACT FORM 7 added Google MAP API

Your first reference of Client


that isn’t their ENTIRE  plugin environment.  They have the POWER  add-on with CSS rules.  (This is why we ask for a screen shot of the plugin environment not merely a typed in answer.  ) So make sure they have latest versions of the plugins and the ADD-ONS. So I am guessing if they own both sites that they also have Power on the other one as well.

They are using a lot of CSS rules and plugins that also are querying Google MAPS API. They can try “turning off SLP Maps” and only use the theme map

Use Firefox  to debug and check for errors, instructions are in the Troubleshooting , under Map issues. Please post the results from the  Debugging log here .  Alternatively , if we  (the developer here)  troubleshoots and logs into their site that is a paid support option, but since they have paid you perhaps you can do the debugging and take it from there)

If there them has a place for Google Map API that means they use it whether or not  you have entered the API there or not.

If you use Firefox debugger, you will see  queryimg Google MAPS API. The theme  has a bug in it and drops the dynamic CSS rules.

You are also seeing this:

console.error(“This site adds property <“+a+”> to Object.prototype. Extending Object.prototype breaks JavaScript for..in loops, which are used heavily in Google Maps API v3.”)

If you need additional support See https://wordpress.storelocatorplus.com/product/product-support/