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First of all SLP and any of our add-ons that are 4.5.xx or higher are coded to work with WordPress 4.5.xx and higher, you are using WP 4.4.2. and you ahve all types of version mixes and matches so I am not sure how they will work together. You can roll back SLP if you want, but then ProPAck 4.5 will not work with lower versions of SLP, so I guess you need to determine what you are going to do as far as updating. I Know it is a pain, but WP 4.5 is what the developer is coding to and we do not support and maintain the older (4.3) or legacy versions of our add-ons.

I do not know if all those plugin add-ons you have had  already been translated or not so you need to read the links above concerning language files and translation in WPthat I provided. The developer is not working on any translation for languages or  WPML of older legacy add-ons.  All WPML and translation files will only be updated for the new SLP 4.5.07 and above,  EXP,POWER or PREMIER add-ons.  It just takes way too much time to try and update every single add-on to every language or  to WPML new standards, so he is working with them and will implement updates on only the newer  SLP versions , 4.5.07 and up.

I still have no idea what your question is because I do not know what is supposed to be the difference with your german language and your dennis pages language links.

BUT I do see  you have incorrect formatting somewhere in your results layout or your page template that needs to be fixed,


I see the slp shortcode showing up  on one your front pages so am guessing you have an extra bracket somewhere in your results layout or your page template. Is this what you are asking about?

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[slp_location directions_text]

Look under your results layout for this:

</span><span class=”slp_result_contact slp_result_directions”><a href=”http://[slp_location map_domain]/maps?saddr=[slp_location search_address]&daddr=[slp_location location_address]” target=”_blank” class=”storelocatorlink”>[slp_location directions_text]</a></span>

If it is coming from your Pages Template, use the default page template that was changed ages ago.

Also refer to these articles that may be relevant to what you are seeing, the second article has a tutorial video, I do not know if it is relevant to you. Sorry I cant be of more help.

SLP 4.5.07 beta WPML

SLP and changes to WPML text string