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Lance Cleveland

If it helps, I noticed a few things when analyzing this url:

1) Your location data does NOT specify the protocol.

For example: is the URL for Our Handmade Market.

If you enter in the URL field it should prevent mangling of the URL.

2) The SLP location processor uses the WordPress esc_url() function to get a proper web link from that URL field.

The function will NORMALLY always prepend http:// as the protocol. You can see the function reference and source here:

However any plugin/theme can change this a number of ways, the most common being via the ‘clean_url’ filter built into WordPress.

I am guessing that you have a plugin or theme component that is using clean_url to improperly apply the https:// protocol any time something on your site uses the esc_url() WordPress function.

Let us know if you need more assistance regarding this matter. Hopefully the above info will give you the insight you need to get this resolved.