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Lance Cleveland

I cannot reproduce this issue on any of the test systems running on an https:// protocol. The destination link remains with the original http:// protocol in the URL.

I’ve tried this with my locator site set via the WP General Settings to have a url with http://localhost/ and https://localhost/ for the WordPress Address and Site Address.

I’ve also tried this by specifying and www. in the SLP location data for the website address. In either case the http protocol is used by default.

The ONLY way I can get the link in the location listing to come up as https is if I specify it as https.

There are ways within WordPress to force SSL URLs using WP hooks and filters. It may be that a non-SLP plugin is changing your URL processing rules and forcing https on ALL content including the JSONP response coming back from the WordPress AJAX processor. Hopefully that is not the case, but it appears that the problem may not be within the Store Locator Plus codebase.