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Hi Cole,

what does your page template look like?    We have had a few customer/developers in our Premier forum with  Pages issues a few months ago, most of the issues were theme related or they hadn’t caught the changes in the WP codex when using html and short codes.   (Lance just did some custom features  for Pages that will be included in the new Power plugin. that you may be interested in, it includes ProPack and Pages and a few other plugins and new features.  The Pages 4.4 is now  considered a Legacy add-on . I did take a look at  your site and it appeared there were some issues with the Theme layout or Contact form but I couldn’t tell you exactly what.

I have taken the liberty here to copy  Lances response to another customer  in the Premier forum about the Pages templates and changes:

“Are you editing each individual page and not the Page Template under the Pages tab?

You need to go to the Store Locator Plus / Pages tab and set your template there, then go to the Locations / Manage subtab and create/recreate your pages. Keep in mind any edits you made on each individual page is overwritten.

Read this article for assistance:
Generating Store Pages

Also, in Pages 4.4 there are specific shortcodes for setting the email hyperlink automatically, as well as one for a location map and website link. It is part of the default template. You may want to copy out whatever your existing template code is now to save it and then delete it (set the field completely blank) and save settings. The default page template for Pages 4.4 should be restored. It will likely have a lot of elements you want it will certainly have WordPress 4 friendly shortcode formatting without quotes.”