Hi Phil, Could you provide us with your Plugin Environment and what version of WP, your url etc.

Enhanced Map is considered a legacy item. It will get fixes if there is a substantial bug, but  Enhanced Map, results, search and Widgets are now part of the Experience Add-on 4.5.xx. which has been coded to work with SLP 4.5.xx and WP 4.5.xx and above.

Because of the substantial amount of overhead and time and interactions (updating one add-on or base plugin can break something else etc)  the author and developer is trying to expeditiously create a faster more efficient system of plugins that are grouped together according to functionality.

We appreciate help tracking down any bugs but as mentioned it is a little low on the priority list for those legacy plugins at the moment.

Because of the amount of add-ons Mr. Duncan  has purchased in the past (last one in 2014 I believe) , we can offer you a coupon code to discount and reduce your cost to the  Experience add on if you are updating your WP and SLP to 4.5 you should really take advantage of the update.

If you would like to do that please contact support  and request a coupon towards the purchase (we can discuss via email the value)