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Are you saying that there is nowhere in your admin panel to change or add the search label verbiage? Or you want to change the label in to show up in the search form box itself? or you want to change it to be  search by Name?

The screenshot you have I am not sure if that word is what you entered as a search .


YOU CAN CHANGE what appears in front of the search form box with free plugin but not what would appear as a placeholder within the search form box.  (Documentation)

If nothing is showing up in the admin panel in your back end  it might need to be translated into your language via  WP Translate or WPML

If you want additional options for changing the labels as a placeholder within the box search form itself that is a feature in either Experience or Enhanced search add-on.

If the first is the issue and if you switch to English does the search label in the back end  appear?

This is how the back end looks for the Search label in English with my site. I added the words address/zipcode and how it appears on front end.



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