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@ Gerry

Interesting. There were also issues reported in the Developers Google API support threads that complained about a lot of areas in France not showing up at all.   So apparently Google does not make the connection of  a list of zips incorporated or updated.  As Tabitha reported, this was working correctly before (I believe) and recently started coming back with mismatch search results.

According to the USPS , zip code 44505 is indeed Youngstown, Ohio   you are correct the Google Map query is calling back based on a bunch of different criteria, lat/long, a number or a street in the address, what is searched most often etc.  I double checked , i.e. address Country Club Ave Youngstown Ohio, It Geocoded correctly in my SLP locations file (according to Google) :'60.0%22N+80%C2%B037'22.5%22W/@41.0499952,-80.6404369,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

But when I search by zip code, and also  forcing the US map domain  and also appending country with  US,  The google query for 44505 comes back with

Main St, Delta Junction, AK 99737, USA

Next, Using the  Premier add-on and checking the box called “Google Influenced Guesses”., and “defined boundaries” ”   when I then type in a zip code  search  44505, still  no results , but if I type in Youngstown, my location appears below the map in the results but  not with the zip code * I entered but a different one .


So luckily I have another  box in Premier  that I checked “Show Address Guess ” ( If checked, replace the address the user typed into the address box with what Google thought they meant.)

I then get a result of what Google thinks I meant:  Youngstown, OH 44514, USA

Note:  I do not have that address zip code in my Locations database, I entered 44505.   but at least now  it is coming back with a reasonable response.

So again,  more detail in search is needed, and if you really want to trick or see what Google is thinking, must have Premier installed..

@ Tabitha

See second screen shot, is this what you meant about Poland… There actually is a Poland Street or Road  in Youngstown Ohio, nearby I wonder if that along with an unrecognized (by Google) zip code  might make Google go to the Ukraine , ie. absent  all the tricks above ..?  We may never know



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