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Hi Tabitha

Is this your site , Sydney candle? (see attached)  I entered ONLY my zip code 29464 and it went to Mount Pleasant SC,,, bingo

I then searched another zip code I know, 01886 it went to Westford MA…perfect..

What are you searching that is coming up different?

Make sure you have the Google Map domain and the callback long/lat set where your main stores are located so that if Google server  is busy it doesn’t come back with crazy locations.

I mention this because, your site with the map page on it was slow to load but that is probably because you have PHP 5.3 and I am guessing you may be on a shared hosting site…that will effect the time of loading and also will effect your Google map queries.

Let me know if you are still having issues after you clear your cache and refresh. (See WP forum support about 4.5 and clearing caches, other plugins were not updating)


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