These settings affect how the geocoding process works when importing large lists of locations.

Server-To-Server Speed

How fast is your server when communicating with other servers like Google? Set this to slow if you get frequent geocoding errors but geocoding works sometimes. Set this to fast if you never have geocoding errors and are bulk loading more than 100 locations at a time.
General Server 4.4.

Geocode Retries

How many times should we try to set the latitude/longitude for a new address? Higher numbers mean slower bulk uploads. Lower numbers make it more likely the location will not be set during bulk uploads. Bulk import or re-geocoding is a Pro Pack feature.

Maxmium Retry Delay

Maximum time to wait between retries, in seconds. Use multiples of 1. Recommended value is 5. Bulk import or re-geocoding is a Pro Pack feature.

Google Business License

These settings will connect your Store Locator Plus geocoding queries to a Google Business or OEM license.  You must purchase a license key from Google if you wish to exceed and increase the normal queries allowed per day.  This is NOT the same as the free or public registered Google Maps Javascript API key.  The Business and OEM licenses increase the limit for geocoding queries from 2500 per IP address per day to 100,000 per client ID per day. Note: This setting does not apply to the majority of the SLP users sites.

Google Client ID

If you have a Google Maps for Work client ID, enter it here. All Google API requests will go through your account at Google. You will receive higher quotas and faster maps I/O performance.

Google Private Key

Your Google private key (Crypto Key) for signing Geocoding requests. Do NOT share this with anyone and take extra measures to keep it private.

Web App Settings

These settings affect your PHP environment if allowed by your hosting company.  Many shared hosts do not allow a web application to adjust runtime parameters.  Check with your hosting provider for details.

PHP Time Limit

Maximum execution time, in seconds, for PHP processing. Affects all CSV imports for add-ons and Janitor delete all locations. SLP Default 600. Your server default 30.
General UI