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Rhomobile : rhoconfig.txt cheat sheet

We have recently been working with Rhomobile to test and deploy some business class mobile apps.  So far the testing has gone well, however the documentation at the Rhomobile site is lacking in some areas and has fallen behind the mainline development.  The Rhomobile forums are also a good source of information but it is obvious Motorola is having some trouble keeping up with the developers that seem to be discovering this hidden gem (pun intended… Rho is ruby-centric).

As we learn more about developing with Rho, we have found some unique things about the environment.   Here we post some notes and hints.    We will add comments or extend the post with more hints as we come across them.


splash_screen settings

The following settings are the possible values in the 3.3.3 release:

  • splash_screen=’zoom’ (default)
  • splash_screen=’none’,  android = no effect
  • splash_screen=’hzoom’, android = no effect
  • splash_screen=’vzoom’, android = no effect
  • splash_screen=’hcenter’, android = no effect
  • splash_screen=’vcenter’, android = no effect

Derived from the source in <installdir>
hodes-3.3.3\platforms\shared\common\SplashScreen.h and SplashScreen.cpp

There are developer notes in some “random forums” that this was re-factored in 3.3.3 to always zoom/stretch to fill the screen at all times (zoom).



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Rhomobile: Error interpreting erb code

You are build Rhomobile apps on Windows, aren’t you?  If so, we’ve been there.   Luckily the fix is somewhat simple, though time consuming.   Sadly, it is a joke that Rhomobile can’t deal with SPACES IN DIRECTORY names.  What year is it?    Rhomobile is not aware of Windows 7 directory naming standards?  How sad.

Anyway, here is the fix.  And you might was well do it for ALL of the directories we note here are you will just postpone more problems that will inevitably arrive.

Install ALL the Rhomobile tool kits in directories without spaces.   For example:

Rhostudio goes in C:\RHOSTUDIO\<blah>

Java Development Kit (JDK) likes to live in C:\Java\jdk-6<blah>

Android Native Development Kit (Android NDK) goes in C:\Android\android-ndk-<blah>

and lastly…

Android Software Development Kit (Android SKD) goes in C:\Android\android-sdk-<blah>

When you are done installing (likely re-installing if you are here) the software you need to go and update your Eclipse project to set the new directory paths.  Start with Windows/Preferences and look for the Rhomobile entry, change the Java path there.  Now expand that entry and select Android and update the paths again.

Also, don’t try moving the JDK or Rhostudio folders.   Uninstall and re-install and you will have better results.