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Wohoo… 3.9 is almost ready

I am wrapping up 3.9 and getting ready to go into beta testing (hopefully) tomorrow.  For those interested in helping to test the new SLP 3.9 release and the Store Pages 3.9 release that is coming out at the same time you can do so by signing up for the Beta Tester Mailing List.

Version 3.9 focused almost exclusively on making Store Pages a completely isolated premium add-on.  That makes the main product lighter & faster.  It also meant improving the hooks & filters system so other 3rd party devs can create more cool stuff for SLP.    It also meant I was able to do some things I couldn’t before.

The list of items updated in the main plugin for 3.9 is already on the updates road map.

It wasn’t all Store Pages though.   A few notable bugs were also fixed along the way:

  • WPMU installs should not be better behaved
  • Some sites having problems with map markers due to “unfriendly themes should not error out in the JavaScript.
  • Multiple location deletes on location manager is fixed.
  • Better address geocoding messages are in place for add/edit locations.
  • Some extra “fat” has been trimmed, making manage locations and page rendering a tick faster.

Beta Testers will want to keep these links handy:

For now I am starting to prepare for 3.9 beta.  If you want to help test you should sign up now.

In the meantime I am going to play some racquetball after a 30+hour coding weekend… then back to take some updated screen shots.     Sometime by tomorrow afternoon 3.9 BETA should be out for testing.