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Voting For Features

As SLP4 enters the final week of testing and patches I am preparing the road map for future patches and updates to the product.   Part of that process is cleaning up the issues list on Bitbucket and starting to add more enhancement (feature request) issues to the lists for the base plugin and each of the add-on packs.

During the clean-up process I’ve noticed a “n votes” indicator on each of the issues.   I’ve never paid much attention to it as it is always zero because the few developers and contributors that have source code access don’t vote on other parts of the project.    However I started wondering if that voting system could be used to allow ANYONE to vote on which features they would like to see  on future releases.   Turns out they CAN vote.

How To Vote For Features

1) Get A BitBucket Login

In order to use the voting feature on Bitbucket you will need to sign up for an account.   The sign up process is relatively painless and is FREE.    You can even sign in using your Google, GitHub, or  a number of other services that you may already be using making the process even simpler.      As soon as you’ve created a Bitbucket account and signed in you can find my public projects under my lance_cleveland user name including the Store Locator Plus Wishlist.

Searching for Lance Cleveland Repos on Bitbucket
Searching for Lance Cleveland Repos on Bitbucket, type lance_cleveland in the search box and press enter.

2) Go To The Wishlist

Go to the Store Locator Plus Wishlist to see all the current voting candidates.

You an also view the issues list including wish list items on other add-on packs:

3) Vote

Click on an issue you are interested in.   If you would like to see the feature described in the issue added to a future release of the product click on the “Vote for this issue” link on the Bitbucket sidebar.

Voting on a Bitbucket Issue
Voting on a Bitbucket Issue, click the link in the sidebar once logged into Bitbucket and viewing an issue.

Development of Features

Voting for features helps me see which features users are interested in.   As time allows between bug fixes and paid customization I will be working on the most-voted-for features to add into either the base plugin, an existing add-on pack, or a  new add-on pack depending on where I think the feature fits best in the code.

There is not guarantee of a development timeline for the features, but I will try to knock off the most-voted-for items first whenever I am writing new code.   If you want/need a feature with a definitive timeline you should consider paid customization.      I am also re-visiting the crowd funding idea to provide another mechanism to support product development and get your most-desired feature put on the development schedule with a definitive release date.