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Premier : Up-And-Coming

This is the first Premier Subscriber blog post for Store Locator Plus.   This is a brief overview of what is coming in Store Locator Plus over the next couple of weeks.

Store Locator Plus 4.1.08

Version 4.1.08 is on the way.  It is entering final testing and should be out later this week.

* Enhancement: Updated Dutch (nl_NL) language files.
* Enhancement: Add Latvian (lt_LT) language files.
* Enhancement: Add Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) language files.
* Enhancement: Add website, hours, phone, fax to WPML supported options fields.
* Enhancement: Make csv import smarter about stripping special characters from field names row.
* Fix: Fix data extensions mangling of SQL commands for add-on packs.
* Change: Update the SLP Default theme to make the find button less horrific on Twenty Fourteen default setup.

SLP 4.1.08 Pre-Release

Tagalong 4.1

Version 4.1 of Tagalong is on the way.  It includes numerous updates related to the categorization of locations, cleaning up some legacy code that was missed in the 4.x patch releases.   Upgrading may reveal some duplicate categories that was a latent bug in the prior updates.   New Janitor tools will help clear out the category helper table and re-build your categories.

* Enhancement: Add WPML support for the category select and any category labels.
* Enhancement: Locations Manager category display now links to the edit category page.
* Enhancement: A faster icon/legend/text rendering on the category icon output on UI and admin page.
* Enhancement: Update Dutch (nl_NL) files.
* Fix: Patch to update the categories properly on import.
* Fix: Order By Category Count is given the highest precedence of the output sort orders (this will impact featured listings as well, which will come later).
* Change: Categories on UI are now alphabetical versus date entered.

SLP Tagalong 4.1 Pre-Release

Janitor 4.1.02

Version 4.1.02 of the Janitor add-on pack is coming.  It has new tools to help clean up and rebuild the Tagalong categories tables for pre-existing installs.

* Enhancement: Add tool to reset the Tagalong category helper table.
* Enhancement: Add tool to rebuild Tagalong caegory helper table.

SLP Janitor 4.1.02 Pre-Release

Social Media Extender 4.1

A new add-on pack that provides per-location media links to social sites such as FaceBook and Twitter is entering final testing in the next week or two.  This new add-on pack will be available at no additional charge to active Premier Subscription accounts.   Details will be posted here and on the product pages when the pre-release and final release versions are published.

Store Pages 4.1

Work is slated to being on Store Pages with various bug fixes on the development list.   As a Premier Subscriber, now is the time to get new features you’d like to see in Store Pages listed in the Premier Support Forum.

Thank you for being a Premier Subscription member!

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Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 3.10.3

Store Locator Plus 3.10.3

A new patch was issued for Store Locator Plus that fixes the editing of the Fax number field. The 3.10.X releases up to this point were erroneously pulling in and displaying the phone number data in the fax field on the edit page. This has been addressed, restoring the edit feature for the fax field.

Enterprise Subscriptions

I’ve spent some time in the past couple of days investigating the implementation of the Enterprise Subscription and paid upgrades functionality. It turns out that it is a much larger task than anticipated due to the limited (non-existent) hooks in the WooCommerce Software and Subscriptions add-on packs. I need to make a decision on whether it is more prudent to write my own custom product add-on for WooCommerce, try to get connected with the Woo Team and help them augment their offering, scrap WooCommerce in favor of an alternative, or drop the Enterprise Subscription idea completely.

Unfortunately the once-stellar documentation on the WooCommerce Codex has become a nightmare to navigate since their site revamp. There are dozens of broken links, missing pages, and most troublesome is the lack of documentation online or within the code. Maybe it is time to investigate other software store options. Does anyone have eCommerce recommendations for selling software like Store Locator Plus or the add-on packs via WordPress? I know of a lot of options but none are available with a software-specific feature set that I’m aware of.