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Store Locator Plus version 4.4.12 map marker Extended data and Experience add-on 4.4.01


SLP 4.4.12

The changes to the extended data system now supports a map marker ‘icon’ display type that is used with the Experience add-on to manage the per-location map markers in a more efficient manner. Minor updates to appearance and a new SLP Twenty Sixteen plugin style to complement the WP Twenty Sixteen theme.

The details and release notes are explained by the Store Locator Plus author, Lance Cleveland. The below videos have been added to the SLP documentation playlist.

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Store Locator Plus Version 4.4.10 fixes the JavaScript error for Pages add-on


Store Locator Plus version 4.4.10

Recent updates to Store Locator Plus 4 have fixed a minor bug that effected the way the Pages add-on shortcode was rendering.

Another feature some of the users and/or administrators were inquiring about is the registry to participate in the Freemius survey feature. Yes, this is still the same author, developer and product. Even if you have registered, you can bypass the survey questions, or opt out. We understand some users are testing and deactivating the plugin and then reinstalling or re-activating SLP 4 to a newer version. You can still select the deactivate button at the bottom of the short survey without adding a reason but we sure would appreciate it if you could share any relevant information about how the plug-in is working for you, even if you are just testing. This allows Store Locator Plus developer to be proactive and improve the plug-in as well as get suggestions for new features.

The new Experience Add-on was published today. Read the latest info and news post and check out the short video.

Next up: The new Power add-on to be released later this month. Stay tuned. Subscriptions 520x520

Change Log for SLP

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SLP 4.4 and the new Experience Plug-in bundled add-ons

Experience Plug-in is now available for Purchase

Experience 520x520
The new Experience Plugin will be the way to go to enhance your Store Locator Plus site. It includes the Enhanced Results, Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search and new and improved Widgets pack. Discounts will be available for those customers who bought an Enhanced plugin in the past 60 days and who want to upgrade to the new bundled Experience 4.4. Simply send an email to support, provide your order number, or purchaser name and request a coupon. Currently, active Premier subscribers are automatically signed up for these faster and improved features included in the Experience bundle.

The new features are explained in the below video. The Experience plugin introduces a new feature that will allow you to specify a map region with a short code map_region= on your locator page that will take precedence over the Map domain. It is an enhancement that should come in handy for international customers. The short code uses the country code TLD.

New Widget feature included with the Experience 4.4 Plugin

Another new feature is in the Widgets portion of the Experience Plug-in which allows a secondary drop-down selector with your location’s cities grouped under the state selector.

These features are ONLY available for the New Experience 4.4 subscriber. Documentation will be updated to reflect the way the Experience plugin appears behind the scenes (the back end). Watch this short video from the author for more information.

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SLP 4.3.24 fixes “hide info bubble”, Enhanced Map 4.3.01, and Word Press USA conference

WP camp US 2015 Philly

Store Locator Plus

SLP version 4.3.24 has been released with minor bug fix. It was reported that the “Hide Info Bubble” under Enhanced Map was not working properly. SLP 4.3.24 has patched that bug.

Enhanced Map 4.3.01

EM 4.3.01 provides better plugin management upon loading.

  • Fix: typo in help text on map settings.
  • Change: More efficient code-loading sequence with Store Locator Plus

Follow Lance on Twitter @LanceCleveland
Use Twitter to find out where he’ll be while attending WP USA Word Camp Philadelphia through December 7th and/or to request a time to discuss any Store Locator Plus topics.

"....someone went without me and all I got was a t-shirt..."
“….someone went without me and all I got was a t-shirt…”


He may be at one of the below venues!

Philly cheese steak trials by Lance
Philly cheese steak trials by Lance

Wheres Lance
Wheres Lance
and...wheres mine?
and…wheres mine?

Change Log for SLP

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Store Locator Plus 4.3.15 Google API Server key for Developer Consoles , Enhanced Results 4.3.02 Ordering and Email link patches

Sula sula nesting in Heliotropium foertherianum

Store Locator Plus

The recent Store Locator Plus 4.3.15  update has been released with minor changes to the code  and  a Google Developer  Console has been added to support the Google API key.  This feature is NOT needed for most users and will not effect your current settings.   The  change aides developers with API keys and effects Google server upload time outs that may occur for those sites with large import lists. This setting can be found under the General tab in Store Locator Plus user interface bar. For more information please refer to the below video.

Enhanced Results

A bug was discovered in Enhanced Results 4.3 that was not caught during testing of the pre-release.  The Sort order by Name was not performing correctly when there were no ranked locations. Version 4.3.02 has patched the ordering results. The second patch  to Enhanced Results  concerns the display of the  email link. The selected display style was not properly executing. That bug has also been fixed.

Note:  Anyone who owns SLP or any of its add-on plug-ins are welcome to test the pre-release versions available in your Downloads page.  By testing the pre-releases, you aid the developer in catching any issues prior to release of the production version. To see which Store Locator Plus version(s) and add-ons that you may have installed, go to your SLP admin panel under the Info tab and click on the Plug-in Environment tab.  For more information on these changes and other useful tips by the author and developer of Store Locator Plus, please view the videos in the Documentation playlist.  The videos for the recent updates ; Store locator Plus 4.3.15 and Enhanced Results v 4.3.02 is below. As always, thank you for using Store Locator Plus and if you have any questions, please post in the forums and be sure to follow the posting guidelines.

Enhanced Results 4.3.02 video

Store Locator Plus 4.3.15 video

Change Log for SLP

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SLP base plugin 4.3.14 fixes Blank Map style and Zoom adjustments, Tagalong updated and enhanced, and Premier Pack 4.3.04 New features

White Point at Charleston SC

It is a beautiful fall day in Charleston, SC, but the Store Locator Plus author and Premier developer has been hard at work conjuring up some cool new features for the Tagalong add-on pack with Premier.

Tagalong version 4.3.01

The latest update to Tagalong includes a new feature that enable different styles for category filters on the User Interface. The Single Parent style has been added as a setting under the “Show categories on Search” Tagalong settings.

4.3.01Tagalong Settings Panel

Premier 4.3.04 release feature for October

Exclusive to Premier subscribers , the ability to combine Parent/child drop down menus on the same search form with multiple combinations of queries available, thus allowing the user to fine tune their search on your site. Example: Looking for a store that sells both apples and oranges but you want to see what types of apples (Macintosh,Fuji,Gala,Red delicious) and/or what types of oranges (Valencia,mandarin,etc), this option is now available when you have Premier and Tagalong installed and activated. You may opt to have the auto-submit function, also included in Premier 4.3.04. Create any parent/child combination using the Tagalong category manager and filters, determine if you want the “one click submit” for the user by choosing the drop-down auto-submit available as a Premier Search feature, save settings, and see the results. For a detailed look at these enhancements please watch the developers 3 minute video. The video and other useful tips and how-to’s are added to the Documentation video playlist for quick reference.

Last but not least, the Base Store Locator Plus plug-in update 4.3.14 fixed a bug within the blank map style, and added a new range of settings for zoom adjustments (now -10 to 19) and zoom level (now zero is once again an option) under the Map functions. This should improve the user experience and allow for a wide range of zoom settings.

Thank you to our Store Locator Plus Forum members for identifying these issues. Please be sure to follow the posting guidelines and provide your plugin environment and store or map site url for better results.

Change Log for SLP

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Widgets 4.3.02 , Store Locator Plus 4.3.13 , and Pages 4.3.02 Released for Production site download

photo credit_  Daniel Cleveland
“Falls” , Daniel Cleveland

The Store Locator Plus team survived the recent storm and flooding that encompassed a large part of South Carolina and we even managed to get some work done. Luckily for us, we did not lose power. Here are some of the things that were worked on and published over the past week.


The pre-release for Pages 4.3.01 which was announced in a previous post, failed one of the tests performed and, as a result, was set aside. Thank you to our SLP community for testing the pre-release and reporting back to the developer. Pages 4.3.02 was released for production downloads last week. If you were using the 4.3.01 pre-release, be sure to delete and download the latest version 4.3.02 which fixes the settings not being saved. This patch also requires an update to the Store Locator Plus to 4.3.13 which was also released last week and is available for download A tutorial video is available for a quick overview of the changes.

Widget Pack

A bug when using the State Widget was reported by a Store Locator Plus customer and has been patched. It effected the ability to change the State within the search form itself. After the user selected a state from the Widget box and loaded the state map, a new state search was not being displayed. Version 4.3.02 resolves this issue. For those people who use this Add-On pack, you will want to update Widgets to version 4.3.02, following the guidance in the Documentation Updating an Addon Pack.

Change Log for SLP

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Store Locator Plus 4 – Manage Locations Changes

Store Locator Plus Everything Banner

Store Locator Plus 4 features are being wrapped up this week along with a number of additions the the premium add-on packs.    While much of the past week has focused on improving the Tagalong feature set, the core plugin has gone through some changes as well.

The past couple of days have been spent on bug fixes and updates to the manage locations interface.    The manage locations interface has been overhauled to more closely resemble, and function like, the default WordPress interface for table data.    This should make it easier for new users to find their way around.  It also presents a cleaner and more condensed user interface.

Store Locator Plus 4 Manage Locations

Here is a video that shows some of the interface updates:

Users that wish to get a beta copy of Store Locator Plus 4 should keep an eye on the forums and at this blog.    If you are running Store Locator Plus as a key feature on your website it is strongly recommended you test SLP4 on a staging/test server where you can play with new features and test stability in your environment.

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Tagalong and Store Pages R&D

Store Pages Banner

More work has been done on Store Pages and Tagalong over the past few days in preparation for the SLP4 release.   The main focus over the past 48 hours has been getting the new Tagalong Icon Array to show up on the Store Pages.   Along the way I ripped out a bunch of legacy Store Pages code and uncovered a hornet’s nest of issues that I’ll be sorting out over the next week.    In the meantime the new version of Store Pages that is coming with SLP4 will be a good bit lighter and a bit more stable when it comes to the location data.    A big part of this is using the new standard location class that has been in Store Locator Plus for nearly a year now.  That location class helps keep all of the Store Locator Plus add-on packs in sync without having to do a lot of add-on-to-add-on communication.     Finally Store Pages is “with the program”.

Store Page With Tagalong Icons
Store Page With Tagalong Icons

As for new features, Store Pages will be getting a new iconarray field qualifier, as in [storepage field=”iconarray”] to display the icons for all of the categories that have been assigned to a location.    This is similar to the Enhanced Results shortcode that will ship that allows for icon arrays to appear in below the map listings.

Tagalong Icons In Results
Tagalong Icons In Results

To round out the offering, Tagalong also adds a new tag [tagalong legend] that will output an icon array to be used as a legend on the map interface.  Pro Pack will help position that legend where you want it on the page.

Customized Search Form With Tagalong Legend
Customized Search Form With Tagalong Legend