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Locations Missing? Fixing Bugs Uncovers More Bugs

If you are running Store Locator Plus 4.1.06, 07, or 08 and suddenly find your locations have gone missing in the admin interface or user interface… there are patches coming soon.    You should ONLY see that problem if you are using Store Pages, Tagalong, or User Managed Locations.    You may see that issue if you have or had Super Extendo (now defunct) installed in conjunction with Enhanced Results.

The bug fix is coming in the noted add-on packs, not the main plugin.

The problem is appearing in the latest releases of Store Locator Plus because of a bug that was fixed in version 4.1.06 of the base plugin.    That bug has been latent for the past 6 months. The newer, more sophisticated, features of the add-on packs started exercising the shared code of the base plugin where the bug was discovered and patched.  Unfortunately other add-on packs, those listed above, had been coded to react to the bug instead of coded to the design specification.  Fixing the bug in the base plugin made the add-on packs that coded around the bug fail as the base plugin was no longer processing the way they had expected.

Each of the add-on packs listed is undergoing final testing to fix the data queries bug along with some other patches that were made for each of the add-on packs.   You should start seeing new versions of the add-on packs in the next few days.

Please be sure to upgrade your add-on packs AND the base Store Locator Plus plugin.        Store Locator Plus should be version 4.1.08 or higher.    You can check the current version list.

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