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Google Maps API for Business, Store Locator Plus Update

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Store Locator Plus, a top-ranked business locator for WordPress sites, was updated today with a patch for Google Maps API for Business users.   Google customers that were using their client ID and private key to access the higher performance Google servers through the Store Locator Plus plugin will once again be able to add and update locations after a prior release introduced a bug that caused geocoding requests to fail if the enterprise access keys were enabled.

Google license and API keys are NOT REQUIRED for the Store Locator Plus plugin to function.    Users that do have a Google Enterprise or Maps for Business account can, however, take advantage of Google’s higher-tier mapping services directly through Store Locator Plus.   With a Google Maps for Business Account key, Store Locator Plus can geocode up to 100,000 locations daily and will request the geocoding data from the high-performance Google Enterprise servers.   These servers can answer geocoding queries 5 to 10x faster than the free service that Google provides if the client ID and private key are not activated.

Other changes in the recent release include a patch to the Store Locator Plus location taxonomy, which allows third party roles & capabilities plugins to access the Tagalong category management system and grant or deny access for managing categories to site users.  Also included is an update to the search form markup structure which sets the foundation for better user interface control in future iterations of the Enhanced Search and other add-on packs that augment the search form layout.

Store Locator Plus Changelog