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Store Locator Plus Gets Multiple Map Settings

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Multi Map is the latest add-on pack to be released for the popular Store Locator Plus location mapping plugin.   The new add-on pack makes it easy to create multiple variations of the map interface settings.   The various map settings can be deployed on a per-page basis using a new map_id shortcode attribute.

Easily create different map interfaces for different countries, states, or product categories.    Want to have  a default search radius of 500 miles in the United Kingdom and 150 kilometers in Germany?   Do you prefer to have different address and zip code labels in each country?  No problem with Multi Map.

This is DeBaats first release of the plugin.  If you would like to see additional features please let us know what you are looking for and we will get it on the development schedule.

Are you a Premier Member?  The new Multi Map add-on pack has been added to your account and is ready for immediate download.   Thank you for your support and contribution to ongoing development of the Store Locator Plus family of plugins.

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