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Janitor for SLP Prepares for Event Manager

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The Janitor add-on pack for Store Locator Plus was updated to support the forthcoming Event Location Manager add-on pack.    The most recent update to Store Locator Plus Janitor has also been fully tested on WordPress 4.1 and is marked as 4.1 compatible.

The Event Location Manager add-on pack has passed testing and the release is imminent.  This new add-on pack allows site administrators to create date-and-time based events and link them to the Store Locator Plus locations.   Event searches can be added to the Store Locator Plus search form interface to provide a way for your site visitors to locate venues for various events in the community.

The Janitor add-on pack is a free add-on and is available from the CSA website and the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Janitor Changelog