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Daily Update

Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 is coming soon.  I hope to release another quick beta cycle tomorrow along with new updates for Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search, and Enhanced Results.

All will have much better language support built-in.  Now I just need some people to do translations.  Anyone that does a translation for the main plugin or an add-on pack will qualify for one CSA premium add-on or plugin.  More news on that in future posts.  In the meantime I’ll be working on updated the Roadmap for 3.9 so you can see what was changed and updating the feature comparison pages.

One cool new trick?   Enhanced Search will allow you to turn on a flag to “seed” the address field on the search form.   Add ?address=<blah> to the URL from a static link or via a form post and the address field on the map page will be pre-filled.   Turn on “immediately show locations” (which is working properly now) and the user will not need to press “find locations”.  This will make it possible to pre-seed searches on the map from anywhere on your site and do so with a single map page.   Hopefully it works as well as it sounded when I put this in as part of a paid support request while assisting a customer.

The other patch that had far-reaching ramifications?  Making it possible to use a single-quote or apostrophe in a field label.  Boy did that uncover a lot of places that quotes didn’t work so well.   Hopefully it doesn’t break anything.

There is more than that in the update and some of the bugs I discovered during the process where pretty deep, so a lot of testing needs to happen before release.  Stay tuned for the beta and final release notices.