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WordPress Map Solution Improves Initial Display

Store Locator Plus, a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add the “enter your zip code to find our stores” map on a website, has improved the initial map rendering and location processing algorithm.  The product no longer includes the “center of the country” as a defining point when first rendering the map with the locations.    This allows the product to focus the map display around the initial group of locations being displayed with a tighter zoom level. The recent update removes settings that remained in the product for the past 18 months for legacy compatibility.   The change was made in the interest of improving the user experience for a majority of the install base as well as new customers.

Single Location Entry

Some of the most notable changes show up when rendering the first entered location on the map.  Version 4.2.60 and 4.2.61 vary dramatically on the initial display.

Version 4.2.61 Update

SLP 4.2.61 Single Location Query
SLP 4.2.61 Single Location Query

With version 4.2.61 the data queries remain essentially the same, however removing the requirement to drop a home location marker on the map, which happens to be in Coffeyville KS for US-based maps, allows the map to zoom in tighter on a single location.   Your location will need to be within 10,000 miles of the center of your country to display.  If it is further away you should either set “Center Map At” (User Experience / Map) or change “Radius To Search Initially” (User Experience / Results).

Address based searches, including those that are using the GPS location sensor provided by the Pro Pack add-on , will still drop a home marker at the address entered by the user (or selected by GPS).


Version 4.2.60 Behavior

SLP 4.2.60 with a single location
SLP 4.2.60 with a single location, USA.

In version 4.2.60 and earlier, entering a single location would yield a less-than-optimal map display with the map being centered halfway between the center of the USA and the first location brought up by the search.

In version 4.2.60 the locations would be selected using a query that returns the first 25 locations with 10,000 miles of the center of the USA.  If you leave the Center Map At entry blank , SLP will set your “starting home location” for the initial search in the center of your country.   For the USA this is near Coffeyville KS.   The other defaults are to search within 10,000 miles of that location and display the first 25 results.

SLP 4.2.60 Single Location Query
SLP 4.2.60 Single Location Query

The map rendering engine would then drop a marker at the home location in Coffeyville KS and from there extend the boundaries to include the locations returned from the search.  Think of it as though the edges of the map are one big elastic band with a pin stuck in Coffeyville KS.  Every time a  new location is added the band stretches and the center of the map changes.

Once all of the location pins are added and the boundary has been stretched the map would then zoom to show the locations.   The legacy zoom calculation in SLP 4.2.60 was overly complex and sometimes yielded strange results.  In the screen shot above the zoom would go in so far as to not show the home marker in Coffeyville or in Mount Pleasant, as shown here after zooming out EIGHT LEVELS (ouch).

SLP 4.2.60 Single Location Zoom Out 8 Levels
SLP 4.2.60 Single Location Zoom Out 8 Levels


Multiple Locations

Multiple locations have less variance in the output, but the 4.2.61 experience has been improved.   The zoom and boundaries are a simpler calculation which means less overhead on every map rendering whether initial display or subsequent address searches.

With version 4.2.60 the same rules apply to multiple locations, however the zoom algorithm is not as egregiously errant in the calculation.   The map shows all 15 locations but still includes the default home marker in Coffeyville KS.

SLP 4.2.60 15 Locations Test
SLP 4.2.60 15 Locations Test
SLP 4.2.61 15 Locations Test
SLP 4.2.61 15 Locations Test

Other Changes

In addition, Store Locator Plus 4.2.62 addresses issues with the manage locations search and sort order, removes more legacy code to reduce the memory footprint and simplify the codebase, and includes minor revisions to the manage locations interface for new installs.

Change Log


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Enhanced Results Featured Location Sort Fixed

Enhanced Results Banner

Enhanced Results version 4.2.03 for Store Locator Plus fixes a long-standing issue that was hiding in the codebase for years.    A recent update to Store Locator Plus created a more efficient back-end solution for processing MySQL queries.  This update uncovered a bug where Enhanced Results was adding duplicate order by distance clauses to the SQL statement.    Due to the new way in which the ordering statements are processed the results manifested as featured locations no longer being bubbled to the top of the results list.

Featured locations on SLP 4.2.35 and Enhanced Results 4.2.03.
Featured locations on SLP 4.2.35 and Enhanced Results 4.2.03.

The latest patch to Enhanced Results addresses that bug and employs the improved SQL query processor that is built into the base plugin.  The new processor eliminates duplicate and unwarranted ordering clauses which creates faster results for the users.    Less order clauses in an SQL query means a much higher likelihood of the data indexes being used which can speed up queries by 10-20x.

Change  Log

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Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 4

store locator plus banner

Work continues on the Store Locator Plus and family of add-on packs.   In the past few days I’ve done some extensive “under the covers” edits that will have a notable impact on the user interface.    These changes will likely cause some of the built-in themes as well as many customized CSS rules that users have put in place to break.

After nearly a year of dealing with legacy HTML design, that is rather poorly constructed, I decided it was time to stop fighting ghosts from the past.    Along with a myriad of new filters, hooks, and shortcodes to assist third party developers I’ve made fundamental changes to the default page structure to eliminate hard-coded tables and styles in favor of responsive-friendly div tags and stylesheets.

Store Locator Plus 4 HTML Changes
Store Locator Plus 4 HTML Changes

What was changed in the most recent series of edits?

  • The map area is no longer wrapped inside of table, tr, td, and tbody tags.
  • The map height and width no longer have inline styles to set the height and width, instead an inline style rule is created and put into the header of the page page which allows the Pro Pack Custom CSS entry to get some precedence over these rules if desired.
  • The remove tagline functionality is no longer an inline if/then process, speeding up map rendering.
  • The map div and map tagline use an [slp_mapcontent] and [slp_maptagline] shortcode to make it easier to customize the map area layout with Enhanced Map and/or Pro Pack.
  • New hooks and filters have been added to make it easier for 3rd party add-on packs, like Enhanced Mapp and Pro Pack, to manipulate the map page layout.

You can learn a bit more about what was changed in this video:

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Daily Update : Pro Pack 3.12 Custom Layout

I am continuing to work on new features for the upcoming Pro Pack version 3.12 scheduled for release later this month/early July.   Here is what I’ve been coding over the past 24 hours.

Locator Layout

This is a new feature coming to the Pro Pack that provides an easy admin entry to change the general layout of the Store Locator Plus page, or more accurately the [SLPLUS] shortcode output.      The typical shortcode renders something like this:

<div id="sl_id">

... the search form HTML on top ...

... the map HTML in the middle ...

... the results HTML down below ...


While this works for most people, there are some really cool interfaces designed by graphic design agencies that apparently have a better eye for design than coders… or at least a better eye for design than I do.     In the past changing the page layout was a chore.   Yes, you can force the output to bend way out of the norm by using creative CSS layers but it is a notable challenge.

The latest code edits to Pro Pack will help make that task easier.   The new Locator Layout field defaults to the standard layout described above, but it now uses new [slp_search],[slp_map], and [slp_results] shortcodes within a text entry that will determine the order in which the search form, map, and results are rendered.   It also allows for more extensive modification so you can create directly addressable HTML elements that make it easier to bend the CSS to create the right layout for your site.  For example:

<div id="sl_div">
<div id="sl_map_div">[slp_map]</div>
<div id="sl_map_src">[slp_search]</div>
<div id="sl_map_res">[slp_results]</div>

Pro Pack 3.12 Locator Layout With Changes
Pro Pack 3.12 Locator Layout With Changes

This change moves the search form below the map:

Pro Pack Layout - Search Below Map
Pro Pack Layout – Search Below Map

Here are some quick examples of what we can do with this new technology.   Start by creating a custom Locator Layout, then craft the related CSS override rules right on the Pro Pack tab, something like this:

Pro Pack Custom CSS and Layout Rules
Pro Pack Custom CSS and Layout Rules

I decided I didn’t like how the standard results looked in the new narrow space beside the map, so I enabled Enhanced Results.   The version here is the current “out of the box” version 0.8 release.    I used Enhanced Results to change the format string, eliminating the middle table cell and combining it with the location name like this:

Enhanced Results Without Middle Table Cell
Enhanced Results Without Middle Table Cell

Now my location search page looks like this:

Pro Pack Layout Side-By-Side
Pro Pack Layout Side-By-Side

This is all done using the upcoming Store Locator Plus 3.12, upcoming Pro Pack 3.12, and current Enhanced Results 0.8 releases with admin page settings only.  No custom code or CSS tweaks “behind the scenes”.

Keep in mind this is all preliminary pre-release stuff and a glimpse of what I’ve been working on.  The final version may vary from what is shown here, but the concept will remain the same.

So there you have it, a glimpse of what I’ve been coding the past 48 hours.

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Daily Update: Store Locator Plus 3.11.1 / Pro Pack 3.11.1

store locator plus banner

Just got back from a weekend business trip to Atlanta and wrapped up the patches for Store Locator Plus 3.11.1. You can always find the change log at the Release Notes page, here is the summary of what was released today:

Store Locator Plus 3.11.1

Fix: address without geocodes are highlighted again.

The highlight bar for uncoded addresses went away in a recent release, this is back now.

Enhancement: slp_manage_location_where 3rd party add-ons can control the manage locations screen.

Updated the base plugin with features that allow for more add-on pack features to be developed, like the Pro Pack “show uncoded” feature.
Enhancement: Added ja_JP language files

Thanks Shohei Tanaka for posting a Japanese translation of the main Store Locator Plus plugin.  It is for a slightly older release but will help translate most of the built-in text.

Do you want to submit a language translation for inclusion in a future release?  Read this post for helpful hints on how to do that.
Enhancement: Force alternate index keys to 255 characters to try to fix WordPress dbDelta bug.

I am still battling a bug in the core WordPress dbDelta function that impacts updating the base plugin.   The bug causes duplicate indexes to be created on each install until you reach 64 total index files, then MySQL starts to have issues.   A patch that was put into an older release would seek out the duplicate indexes and delete them on every update.  Unfortunately some systems, especially on shared hosts, do not allow a WordPress app to access the MySQL system information necessary to check for the duplicate indexes and thus the upgrades generate errors.   This latest attempt to work around the problem implements a workaround that has been discussed in the WordPress community that may obviate the need to look up the indexes in the restricted systems table.    I won’t know if it works until the next patch comes out.  Fingers are crossed.

Pro Pack 3.11.1

Show Uncoded Fixed

The show uncoded button broke at some point.  This has been fixed in this patch.

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Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 3.10.3

Store Locator Plus 3.10.3

A new patch was issued for Store Locator Plus that fixes the editing of the Fax number field. The 3.10.X releases up to this point were erroneously pulling in and displaying the phone number data in the fax field on the edit page. This has been addressed, restoring the edit feature for the fax field.

Enterprise Subscriptions

I’ve spent some time in the past couple of days investigating the implementation of the Enterprise Subscription and paid upgrades functionality. It turns out that it is a much larger task than anticipated due to the limited (non-existent) hooks in the WooCommerce Software and Subscriptions add-on packs. I need to make a decision on whether it is more prudent to write my own custom product add-on for WooCommerce, try to get connected with the Woo Team and help them augment their offering, scrap WooCommerce in favor of an alternative, or drop the Enterprise Subscription idea completely.

Unfortunately the once-stellar documentation on the WooCommerce Codex has become a nightmare to navigate since their site revamp. There are dozens of broken links, missing pages, and most troublesome is the lack of documentation online or within the code. Maybe it is time to investigate other software store options. Does anyone have eCommerce recommendations for selling software like Store Locator Plus or the add-on packs via WordPress? I know of a lot of options but none are available with a software-specific feature set that I’m aware of.

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Daily Update: Store Locator Plus 3.10.2

Store Locator Plus 3.10.2 Released

A minor patch to Store Locator Plus, version 3.10.2, was published this morning. The patch fixes map markers that go missing if the immediately show locations radius has not been set. If your site is missing map markers after an upgrade you may want to try this patch.

Future Work

I am currently in the midst of several client projects as well as future updates to the general ecosystem related to the CSA plugins. A Woocommerce compatible crowd funding add-on is under development as is a new Software Products add-on. The current Woocommerce subscription and software add-ons are somewhat deficient in several areas and that creates a LOT of extra work on each product release. Given the number of add-on packs and upgrade/patch releases I’m pushing out these days I need to be far more efficient. Thus some time needs to be spent on building the tools I need to manage the site. Watch this blog for announcements of the new Woocommerce add-ons coming later this month.

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Daily Update: Store Locator Plus 3.10.1 / Pro Pack Download

Store Locator Plus 3.10.1

Store Locator Plus 3.10.1 was released last night as a minor patch to the 3.10 release put out on Monday.   This patch fixes the missing website link in the location search results.  This fixes both below-the-map results as well as the in-bubble web link.

Pro Pack 3.10 Download

Somehow the Pro Pack version 3.10 download went missing from the download directory between the original upload and sometime late last night.   The Pro Pack download has been restored and should now be available to all users.

Site Navigation

Minor changes to the Charleston Software Associates site navigation have been made.  Most notably a login link has been added to the main menu so return vistors do not need to go searching for the login widgets on sub-pages on the site.    The Mindset section has been renamed “News & Info” and is where you can now find links to the blog and the about CSA page.

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Daily Update : Enhanced Map, Home Page, AFK

Enhanced Map 0.6

I just released Enhanced Map 0.6 tonight.   If fixes a bug with compatibility with Store Locator Plus 3.9.6 as well as the hide map admin setting and shortcode plus the show/hide map toggle button.   I thought I had pushed this out Friday night but I must have screwed something up.  It happens.    The updated plugin should be available now, though I’m still not quite sure what happened the other day and why 0.6 did not publish correctly.  Hopefully tonight’s effort fixes the problem

Home Page

If you’ve been to the Charleston Software associates site today you’ve seen the home page tweaks.   Don’t worry there are not major changes to the site or content that has gone missing.  I decided to simplify the home page for new visitors so they can easily find the Store Locator Plus or MoneyPress plugin information.    Since 99% of the visitors to the home page are looking for Store Locator Plus I figured less clutter would serve them better.    Funny thing is that I now find myself clicking on the “Forums” icon on the home page as it is far faster than finding it on the drop down menu, so I guess that’s a good UI change.    Then again, I’m not a user experience (UX) expert, not even close… so maybe its just me.

Away From Keyboard (AFK)

I will be away from the keyboard more than normal over the next 10 days.   I am preparing for a visit back to my home town of Boston next week to visit family.    Support responses and patches will be much slower than normal while I prepare for the trip.  Part of the preparation is getting another technology patent filed before I head out of town.   If you’v ever done a provisional or formal patent you know how much work I’ve got to do in a few short days.

I’ll still review the forums and post some code when I can but it will be at a much slower pace through the end of the month.


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Store Locator Updates / CrowdFunding

New Version Betas

Store Locator Plus 3.9.4 and Enhanced Search 0.6 has been released to the Beta Test list for testing.   Want to help with beta testing, get pre-release copies of the base plugins and add-on packs?   Sign up here.   All beta releases are announced and distributed via the MailChimp managed email list.

I will begin testing the new updates within the next 24 hours.   If all goes well the new updates will be published by the start of next week.

Crowd Funding

I’ve been getting a lot of customization requests lately, some for larger projects.   While I got nearly ZERO response from the general community of users about implementing a crowd funding option, several of the companies that have asked for new features have indicated they would be interested in this option.

What is it?   It is a way for multiple organizations to share the development costs of creating new stuff.   Stuff?  Yeah, stuff.    In this case, code stuff.   Like new plugins, add-on packs for existing plugins, or even just extending an existing add-on pack or plugin.   This provides a way to spread out the costs of developing a feature while gathering enough funds to ensure smaller projects get put on the development radar.

Look for new crowd funding options on the Charleston Software Associates website soon.



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Daily Update: SLP 3.9.4 and Store Pages 3.9.2

In between the run-around with family issues (spring break + hospital visits, not directly related) I have managed to get some updates done.

Store Locator Plus 3.9.4

I think I will be releasing the beta shortly.    The updates have been CSS tweaks and some patches to make Store Pages happier as well as fixing, hopefully, the add-on pack updater to allow inline updates v. download/deactive/install routine.  The official list form the readme:

* Change: Add-on packs updater URL revised to new location.

* Change: Updates to the JavaScript processor to make [Store Pages]/product/slp4-store-pages/) happy.

* Enhancement: Clean up the add-on pack additional edit form fields layout.

* Enhancement: Top Labels CSS Theme modified, drop coloring and shadows, revised below map rendering.

* Enhancement: Clean Simple White Theme modified, adjust input field padding and separation.

* Enhancement: If radius selection is hidden and radius is set to blank or <=0, make default 2500.

* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_script_data filter.

* Fix: Add-on updater now downloads zip files from remote source properly.

* Fix: Add-on updater no longer fails on info retrieval if the add-on is inactive.
* Fix: Hide the Google bubble shadow that looks “wonky” on older browsers.

Store Pages

Two main fixes here, the pages replace websites and prevent new windows options are patched.  The official update list:

* Enhancement: better communication with SLP

* Fix: Pages Replace Websites feature is working again.

* Fix: Prevent new window option not working.

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Daily Update : Store Pages & Tagalong

After a long Easter weekend holiday with the family, I am back at the code.   Not as quickly as I’d like, however, and this is likely to be a somewhat less involved week than I had planned.    I’ve been spending a good amount of time in the past 24 hours dealing with some family issues including a late night last night at a local health care facility.    Things are looking OK at the moment so I’m back at the code in the few hours I have between assisting with managing another household for a few days.  Enough about the personal stuff… the code stuff which is what most visitors here are interested in.

Store Pages/Tagalong Bug

Recent updates to Store Locator Plus have manifested a problem in the Tagalong and Store Pages add-on packs.   The issue is not a bug specific to either plugin but related to the new extended data system I’ve layered into the product that will make for a stronger location management platform in the future.   The underlying location management class is not keeping track of the new location page type correctly.   As such certain updates via Store Pages or Tagalong will generate a sequence of errors about page content, etc. not being set properly as has been noted by several users in the forums.

While I’ve been doing minor updates to Store Pages and Tagalong to track the issue, the likely fix will be a base plugin update as that is there the new location management engine lives.

On The Radar

Short term, finding and fixing the location management system bug is the priority.  Also on my agenda for the near future:

  • Improving the default UX via some new themes, with possibly fewer “out of the box” themes.
  • A CSV Export for locations.
  • Working with some 3rd party devs to add some new add-on packs.
  • MoneyPress Master Edition – time to get back to that project.

I also have several paid support requests in the queue that are going to demand some attention.

So for now, family first, code in between.    Certainly not a boring start to April… but I’m looking for a bit less drama and more code later in the month.


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Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 Shipped


Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 plus the “Enhanced add-ons” all “shipped” last night after passing basic WordPress and WPMU testing.

Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 is available on the Charleston Software website as well as at the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The Enhanced add-ons, Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, Enhanced Search, are all available from your account at Charleston Software Associates.  To install:

  • Login to CSA.
  • Download your plugin update.
  • Login to your WordPress site.
  • Deactivate the add-on pack.
  • Uninstall the add-on pack, your settings will be remembered.
  • Add a new plugin, upload the .zip you downloaded.
  • Activate.

Hopefully the bugs in the admin-panel update system have been fixed for the add-on packs and future versions will simply be a “click to update” process like any plugin listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Off to Easter Holiday Weekend.


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Daily Update, Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 Beta

Still testing Store Locator Plus 3.9.3, but I think it is close.

Store Locator Plus Testing…

Today SLP 3.9.3 passed all testing on the standard installation of WordPress using Firefox.  However the testing failed on my live WPMU site due to a location sensor timing issue with Chrome.    I don’t think this has anything to do with code changes, though the JavaScript file that drives the map was updated.

The problem has been in the code for a while but the updated script is executing a bit faster thanks to performance tweaks.   So the new plugin version is a tad faster, which is a good thing, but that means the inherently slower mode of past builds was hiding a bug.   Turns out the new map interface is loading faster than the remote location sensor service in the browser engine on Chrome.    In some cases the map is saying “where are you” and the location sensor is MIA.    Then it breaks.

I’ve re-coded the way this stuff works, but now I need to re-run the test suite on the dev box, the test rig on standard WordPress and WPMU.  If all goes well everything will pass and I can release SLP 3.9.3 tonight.

Enhanced Add-Ons

Then it is on to testing the “Enhanced” add-on packs.  Those packs all need to be updated to work with SLP 3.9.3.    They should work in their current form with SLP 3.9.3 but they will be much happier if the upcoming versions are married to the SLP 3.9.3 base engine.  Especially since some new features require the 3.9.3 engine and I’ve moved some of the action hooks around.

Side Note

As a side note… don’t ever update your virtual machine engine, or at least VMWare Workstation in the middle of a build cycle.   I wasted a full day last week making my dev box work properly again after what VMWare deemed a “minor update”.    Then I lost another day between last night and this morning updating my test rig thanks to the “minor update”.

So for those of you that receive a “minor update” of my plugins and it breaks stuff… trust me, I feel your pain and try to keep you from feeling it when using my products.

Back to the testing…

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Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 with Add-Ons in Beta

The Beta Testing group just received their copies of the latest beta release of Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 along with the corresponding Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, and Enhanced Search add-on packs.   Documentation and testing will commence on my systems soon as well.

If all goes well the release should be out in the next 48 hours.

Store Locator Plus 3.9.3

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: Better debugging with Debug Bar hooks.
* Enhancement: Drop duplicate language files in ./core/languages.
* Enhancement: Load textdomain (for language support) in the proper place (init).
* Enhancement: Give pot/po/mo language files the proper name and the proper directory (./languages).
* Enhancement: Get rid of unused PHP script, lessens security vulnerabilities.
* Enhancement: Eliminate unused variables and speed up front end UI a tick.
* Enhancement: Default CSS theme is now Default, Old.
* Enhancement: Default CSS theme has been updated to take elements I liked from Clean Simple White.
* Enhancement: Immediately show locations now shows home marker where base of search is centered.
* Enhancement: [Pro Pack](/product/store-locator-plus) report downloads are now AJAX based, lighter & less risky.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_manage_expanded_location_columns.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_manage_priority_location_columns.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_settings_results_locationinfo.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_search_default_address filter.
* Change: Image URL field has been removed form base product (was not being used), is now in [Enhanced Results]/product/slp4-enhanced-results/).
* Change: No Results message customization moved from [Pro Pack](/product/store-locator-plus) to [Enhanced Results]/product/slp4-enhanced-results/).
* Fix: Stop [Pro Pack](/product/store-locator-plus) reporting JavaScript from loading on all pages.
* Fix: Got the locale setting working again.
* Fix: Multiple map settings fields can now have ‘ as valid field data.
* Fix: Immediately show locations works again.

Enhanced Map 0.4

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: language support for i18n/l10n.
* Fix: map center function, requires SLP 3.9.3
* Fix: tests for SLP is active now works on WPMU sites.

Enhanced Search 0.5

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: new option “allow addy in URL”, allows ?address=blah to pre-load search.
* Enhancement: new shortcode attribute allow_addy_in_url=’true|false’ does the same.
* Enhancement: Add languages support for l10n/i18n.
* Change: Update to work with SLP 3.9.3
* Fix: tests for SLP is active now works on WPMU. 

Enhanced Results 0.7

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: language support for i18n/l10n.
* Enhancement: Results string can now contain shortcodes.
* Enhancement: New [[slp_location <fieldname>]] shortcode for use in result string only
* Enhancement: Start localization/language support.
* Enhancement: Add ability to attach an image URL to a location.  Can use Results String to output.
* Enhancement: Add ability to customize the “No Results” message under the map, including message with single quotes.
* Fix: tests for SLP is active now works on WPMU.


Success? Failure?

Please let me know either way.

If you have had a chance to test the beta versions attached here, please let me know.   Whether it worked for you or you had issues, it helps me to know in either case.   Please login and post in the forum even with a “SLP latest beta worked for me.” message.

The Beta Forum is here: