Advanced Topics

The pages  under Advanced Topics contain subject matter that will be readily understood by IT or administrators who have more than a rudimentary understanding of  how plug-ins, apps and Word Press works in general, but it is also a useful place to search for information before posting perceived issues in the general forums.


Data Structure


wp_store_locator = basic location data.

wp_slp_extendo = extended data fields, this is a 1:1 relationship with the main SLP table (wp_store_locator).

wp_slp_extendo_meta = the data about the extended data fields. Used by the base plugin an add-on pack to create and maintain the wp_slp_extendo data table.

wp_slp_tagalong = the map of location IDs (in wp_store_locator) to the WordPress category entries

Tagalong Tables **

Tagalong uses the built-in WordPress category system. It involves several tables. Getting the data in wp_slp_tagalong to match up with a pre-existing site that has ongoing/pre-existing category data (taxonomies) will be a chore.

For example,

Under what you have as Current may have been assigned Tagalong Category “A” ID # 3 when that category was created in the taxonomy table and Live may already be using that ID, therefore when you create Tagalong Category “A” it may be assigned ID #19.

In order to “just move tagalong over” you would need to edit every entry in the wp_slp_tagalong table and change ID # 3 to ID #19. To do so, you need to first let WordPress create all of the Tagalong categories (you could do this with a category-only import) second look up all the ID numbers of the assigned categories, third edit the wp_slp_tagalong exported data from Current to change all of the ID numbers from the “old” WordPress site to be the ID# assigned on the “new (live)” WordPress site. If you only have 2 or 3 categories it may not be a chore but it can get out-of-hand very quickly. If you make any editing mistakes you will have various issues.

WordPress table descriptions can be found under the WordPress Codex page Database Descriptions

The two tables that would be employed by WordPress when creating / maintaining a Tagalong category:

wp_terms = the category information itself

wp_term_taxonomy = the metadata that tells WordPress about different category groupings, in other words “this category is for posts”, “this category is for Store Locator Plus locations”, “this category is for videos”, etc. You will not need to export/import this but you WILL need to know what the old (Current) system assigned as the SLP Locations taxonomy ID and what it is on the new WP system. When you export wp_terms from the old system you will need to edit that export and change the taxonomy ID from what it was on Current to what it is on Live.

Plug-in Customized Styles **

Customization of SLP themes allows you to modify and save your preferred style further. There are many styles available from a drop down menu under General View settings. What they do and how to customize is further explained in the author’s video for the SLP 4.3.03 update.

SLP style customization video

Google API key

Google API keys, Query and developer tools: Review the following tutorial video on how to add your API server key in the Google developers console.