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Store Locator Plus and Premier 4.5.02 introduces territory functionality

Premier Add-on  Subscription

Version 4.5 of the Premier Add On for Store Locator Plus introduces territories to locations.

Once a location is set up with a territory the map markers that are sent back from the server during a user search will include a ‘in_territory’ property set to ‘1’ if the user’s location is within the territory and ‘0’ if not.   An additional ‘in_territory_class’ property will also be set to either ‘in_territory’ or a blank string.   Both settings are part of the ‘data’ property of the location marker.  Documentation on Territories features and set-up.

Additional territory features are in beta testing and will be available with SLP 4.5.08 and the Premier release 4.5.08 (currently in pre release) If you have a development or staging site and are a premier member you may download the pre-releases and use them on those sites. It is always recommended that you have a back-up of your site and not use beta Pre releases on production sites.

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