Buyer’s Guide

The most common features requested:

  • Import Locations (Power)
  • Export Locations (Power)
  • Map Markers Based On Category (Power)
  • Change The Layout (Experience)
  • Change The Look Of The Map (Experience)
  • Add Location Search To Other Pages (Experience)
  • Categorize Locations (Power)
  • Associate Products With Locations (Power)
  • List By City or State (Experience)
  • Creating SEO Pages From Locations (Power)

For detailed answers to these questions check out our “What To Buy” articles.

I still have questions about what to purchase.

Please contact us and let us know what you need.   If we don’t have it we can always build it!

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  1. […] map markers can be loaded and you can have the map marker url point there. See the Buyers Guide FAQ That can be done with an […]

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