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This is the prerelease version of Store Locator Plus.

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This is the prerelease version of Store Locator Plus.

This is the version of Store Locator Plus that is created when the plugin is ready to enter testing before publishing the final production version in the WordPress Plugin Directory.   The prerelease version is often, but not always, ahead of the production version of the plugin.   It may contain new features or bug fixes.

It may also contain newly-introduced problems and bugs.   For that reason it should not be used on a production system and should only be deployed on a system where you have full access to a backup copy of the website and can get to the command line or SFTP access to the WordPress installation to disable the plugin should something go horribly wrong.

If you are using the prerelease version and run into problems please post in the forums and indicate the prerelease version you are testing.

Current Prerelease Changes

This may be exactly the same as the production release if there is no new work that is ready for testing since the last major published release of Store Locator Plus.


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