This add-on pack will reset all of the Store Locator Plus and add-on pack for maintaining a Store Locator Plus installation.  It provides a tool for resetting the SLP settings, deleting location data, cleaning up extended data and Store Pages.   Each tool has its own activation and maintenance screen.

This add-on pack has been submitted to the WordPress Plugin Directory as a free add-on.  You may want to check your WordPress Plugins / Add New feature on your admin panel before purchasing this add-on.

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The “behind-the-scenes maintenance” add-on pack for the Store Locator Plus base plugin.

Settings Management

The settings tool can be used to clear out the Store Locator Plus options from the wp_options table.


View and Reset Single Settings

You can view both serialized and independently-stored Store Locator Plus settings  for most of the base plugin and add-on pack configuration variables.   Many of the settings, including those stored in a serialized data array, can be reset individually.    This option makes it far easier than manually editing the wp_options table to reset Store Locator Plus variables.

Reset All Settings

This will allow installations to reset the options table and should cause the Store Locator Plus base plugin and add-on packs to behave as if they were activated on a fresh install.

It is recommended that you disable all add-on packs before clicking the reset button on the Janitor tab that this plugin will add to the Store Locator Plus interface.   You can re-activate the add-on packs after running the reset.   While you can keep the add-on packs active, the add-on packs may re-add their options immediately upon deletion which can cause add-on pack interactions to behave differently that they do under a true “clean” installation.

This will NOT reset or delete location data.

This WILL reset all of your map settings, user interface settings, and hidden options that track data structure and add-on pack versions.

Locations Management

Janitor 4.4 Locations

Clear All Locations

A clear all locations option allows you to remove all locations with a single button click.   Locations cannot be recovered once deleted.   This will delete the locations, extended data, and related Store Pages.



Janitor 4.4 tools panel
Janitor 4.4 tools panel

Rebuild and Delete Extended Data tables for some old buggy versions of the now-defunct Super Extendo add-on pack.   Will clean up and salvage any extended data fields so they can be used with the newer built-in data extensions package in the base plugin.   For a fresh / new install the delete option will help.

Tagalong Category Helper and Rebuild buttons help salvage corrupt Tagalong data from older versions that were not using the built-in WordPress taxonomy system.

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